Meet Hong Kong Babes
at These 4 Popular Spots

Want to meet Hong Kong babes?  It's sure more fun to hang out with Hong Kong women than to spend time alone in that big city.

That being said - if you don't know where to go then you're out of luck.  Luckily you'll soon discover the top 4 areas of where to go.  You'll also get a good idea of when it's best to go and where.

So get ready to have some fun meeting and dating Hong Kong women…I sure did! :)

Go To 'Lang Kwai Fong'

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The more popular place to meet Hong Kong babes is 'Lang Kwai Fong'.

Locals claim that it's where the 'expats' go but it's not true.

You will find many local Cantonese women as well as Mainland girls there also. 

Get there by going to Central MTR and heading straight from exit D-2.  Just cross the street and follow the crowd. 

You'll be there in a few minutes. ;-)

It's more of a night scene and full of people on weekends. 

On the right is a picture of me with a Hong Kong babe during the Halloween weekend.

I was wearing a lazy tank top/muay Thai shorts as a costume.

What a fright! ;-)

During the week you won't find much.  Most women go out to socialize (and meet guys) on Fridays and Saturdays.

"what if I want a more quieter place on weekends?" Don't fret - there's another place that will suit you.

Note: Discover the main types of Hong Kong girls you'll end up meeting on this link.

Check Out 'Wan Chai'

Get out at Wan Chai station exit A1 and walk straight.  You'll find a bunch of bars and clubs.  I find that place to be more quiet than Lang Kwai Fung on weekends.  You can grab a pint at any of the nearby bars and chat up Hong Kong babes.

It's known as the 'red light district' but really the number of "go go bars" or "prostitutes" is small.  You'll be just fine.

"What if I want a quiet place without the red light stuff?"

Rest easy - there's another place for that.

Hang Out in SoHo

SoHo is a posh area just east of LangKwai Fung.  In fact you can go to Hong Kong MTR and ride the escalator to the place.  It's full of smaller pubs and hang out spots. 

There's a smaller crowd there and a chance for you meet Hot Hong Kong locals while drinking a beer in a chill out location.

"What if I'm not a 'night' person? Where can I meet hot Hong Kong ladies during the day?"

The city has that covered to.  Check out Causeway Bay.

Enjoy Causeway Bay

Go to Causeway Bay MTR and walk out any exit.  You'll be in the main shopping hub of Hong Kong.  There are lots of venues to meet women. 

One time I went to a small coffee shop (don't remember the name or how to get there) and met a stunning (repeat stunning) 18-year old high school student.  Now 18 is a bit young for my taste but…wow.  I got her number so I'll just wait a year. ;-)

I think a rich banker will get to her first though.  That's okay - I still love Hong Kong for dating (click on the link to find out why you will too!)

Enjoy Meeting Hong Kong Babes!

Being an expat in Hong Kong is a blast.  If this is your first time in Asia then you've got quite a treat.  Do keep in mind that Hong Kong is not a good representative of other Asian mega-cities.  In fact after spending 6 years years in the Orient (and living in Hong Kong for 6 months) I've found it to be a world of it's own.

For more tips on how to date Asian women regularly - put your name and email below. 

Talk soon! ;-)

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