Start a Hong Kong Chat With
These Apps and Dating Tips!

Get a Hong Kong chat started by knowing where to go and what apps to have.

When I lived in Hong Kong this is what I used to chat with Hong Kong women.  It helped me a lot because I was so busy with work!  Ahh...HongKong's work schedule. ;-)

It also helped me meet Hong Kong women outside of my social groups.  This gave me some freedom that I didn't get to enjoy before.

In any case - let's get you enjoying a more fulfilling dating life even though you're low on time for dating.

Join These Hong Kong Chat Apps

hong kong chat

I recommend getting these apps and joining these sites to have HongKong women contact you!

First I recommend signing up with and setting up your profile. 

It takes 5 minutes and then you might have Hong Kong ladies check out your profile and contact you.

You even have chat rooms you can join for free!

Chat with Hong Kong women on your way to work!  Check out social apps like Watsap and Skout.  These apps allow you to talk to Hong Kong girls for free.  In fact you'll love Skout because it gives you her

 • distance and location from you

 • profile pictures for you to decide if she's your type

 • the ability to talk to or chat with her.

Let's say you've got these apps and joined the websites - what next?

Use These Hong Kong Chat Dating Tips

When it comes to chatting with Hong Kong women - I recommend doing these 3 things

Make sure your profile is safe and compelling enough for her to want to know you.  Put a picture of you smiling and and enjoying your life.  Write a profile about you that shows how sociable and friendly you are.

Start a safe and low-commitment conversation that will compel her to talk to you.  You'll also make her feel safe enough to interact with you.  Start the conversation by commenting on something she's wearing or where she is in her photo(s). Who doesn't like to talk about themselves?

Get her contact information as quickly as possible to set up a date.  Chances are she's busy with work and so are you.  There's no point in having too long chats when you both really want to meet.  So I recommend asking for her number (to put on watsap) as soon as you can.

Get More Dating Tips For A Happy Dating Life in HongKong

Live in HongKong and want a fulfilling dating life as soon as possible?  Put your first name and email in the boxes below.  Get instant access to my 9 Steps To Meeting and Dating Asian Women Self-Study Course.  You'll be able to improve your dating life at your own pace with my videos and instructions.

Good luck with your dating life in Hong Kong! ;-)

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