"Which Hong Kong girl
Would You Rather Date?"

Live in Hong Kong and want to date a Hong Kong girl?

One thing about that city that can amaze you is the diversity of people and of course - women. :)

Get an idea of the 4 main types of women there and choose which one(s) you'd rather date in Hong Kong.

Note: These are 4 types and yes I am stereotyping to make your life easier.  There are a multitude of women but after living in Hong Kong for 6 months this is what I've found.

Hong Kong Woman Type #1 - Local Cantonese Hong Kong Girl

Most of the women you'll meet will be local Cantonese women.  Physique-wise they are generally petite and enjoy wearing those platform shoes.  A lot can also appear to be materialistic and mercenary in their dating. 

Most don't speak much English and have no interest of being with an expat.  Heck one time I was wearing my business suit and asked a girl what game she was playing (on her phone.) She gave me a shrug and went back to her game.  Even though I was working out my Cantonese.

She picked Tetris over me! That hurt my pride. ;-)

Note that a lot of Cantonese women do travel and have an interest in foreign culture.  It's just that they're a minority.  I've dated Cantonese girls who were into foreigners and loved it. You just have to find the diamonds.

Hong Kong Girl Type #2 - Local Mainland Girl

Since Hong Kong became part of China many mainlanders have been moving to the great city.  A lot of mainland girls have been moving from Guandong (or anywhere from Mainland) to live a better life in Hong Kong.

In general these women can be more open and friendly (more friendly than if you'd met them in Mainland - apparently.) 

The typical HongKong girl looks down on Mainland girls, which I think makes them more open to meeting and mingling with expats because they're treated as foreigners too.

Some speak English but most don't.  If you don't speak any Mandarin (or Cantonese) then yeah…it might be tough.

Rest easy - there are some types of women who do speak English.

Hong Kong Woman Type #3 - ABCs (Expat Chinese)

There are a lot of Hong Kong and Chinese women who've lived overseas and came to HongKong.  The main group are those who lived in Canada (when the city was given back to the Chinese) and came back.

Meet and interacting with them will be like interacting with women back in the West.  You'll be hard-pressed to find one who doesn't speak English. 

A lot that I've met didn't like it when I "mistook" them for a local HongKong girl.  In fact a few walked away when I started speaking what little Cantonese I knew to them.  That shocked me personally but maybe there was something I was missing? 

"What if I want to date women from other countries?"

Hong Kong has that too. ;-)

Hong Kong Woman Type #4 - Expat Western Women

Because of all the foreign companies in the city - there are a lot of women from everywhere.  In general these women are career women who have a hard time dating. 

The reason is that expat guys tend to prefer Hong Kong or Asian ladies.  Most expat women also don't find Hong Kong guys good looking.

There are also models who tend to hang out at club 'Dragon Eye' above Lang Kwai Fong on weekends.  The model circles are quite cliquey but that's everywhere in my experience.

Which HongKong Girl Would You Prefer To Date?

There are many different types of women in this multi-cultural city.  The 4 above are just among the main ones.  There are also a lot of Korean tourists, Indian college students, etc…

So you have a lot of diversity to choose from for your dating life.  Just be aware that Hong Kong is a small place and if you start meeting too many women - you'll bump into them again.

Have fun! ;-)

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