"Is Dating Hong Kong Girls is Different?"

Moved to Hong Kong and want to start dating Hong Kong girls?  After living and dating in Hong Kong for half-a-year this is what I've noticed.  

First off it's important to know that there are many different types of women you can bump into in that city.  That being said you'll most probably meet  a lot of local Cantonese women. So…what is dating these Cantonese women like?

Get my take on it as an expat…

Local Women Are Not Necessarily Into Dating You

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Contrary to what you might have heard about HongKong:

there is still an invisible barrier between the local Cantonese and the expats. 

Many Cantonese girls will shrug you off mainly because you're from a different culture (which happens everywhere). 

So whatever happens you'll get the "Asian shrug" (even in a cosmopolitan city like Hong Kong.)

Then again there are plenty of Cantonese women who would love to date you!  Here's why...

Many Hong Kong Women Want To Try The Expat Lifestyle

Expats are known for having a money and living in one of Hong Kong's prime area 'Hong Kong Island'.  A lot of Cantonese ladies are curious and want to experience that lifestyle. 

Note that when I say 'lifestyle' I am referring to the nights out, drinks, etc...

A sad reputation that Hong Kong women have developed is of being…

Local Girls Are Known For Being Materialistic

I won't lie - this city is known for one thing only: making money.  It's a very materialistic city and the more money you have the more women will want to be with you.  Otherwise it can be tougher.

hong kong girls

I've been on a date with this girl on the left. 

As soon as she found out that are date wasn't going to be more than a walk around Kowloon park she just started chatting her friends. 

I was doing my best to get the attention back (got her laughing too) but no dice.  Yes I was sad for a while.

"Isn't this everywhere?" I agree that many places are like this.  That being said Hong Kong takes the 'materialism-thing' to another level.  Heck it came across as superficial as Seoul's Gangnam!

What does that mean to you?  You'll be meeting and dating a lot of women who'll have high materialistic expectations.  I've lost out on dates because I've taken to places that were 'too 'cheap''. 

Granted I was on a budget so if you're on one in this expensive city then you're in trouble.  Yes...that's the case everywhere but in HongKong the women have certain expectations when dating an expat.  Being a foreigner automatically raises the financial bar. 

In a place that's known for money - you'd better be able to pass it.

"Are All Hong Kong Ladies Like This?"

Of course not.  No one can generalize for everyone.  This is just what I've noticed and what many expats (and locals) who lived longer than I did in Hong Kong told me.  Many Hong Kong ladies aren't like what I've described at all.

I've personally dated some cute women in this city while being on a budget.  It will just take you longer to find them.  For more on the different type of Hong Kong girl you can find - click on the link.

Enjoy! ;-)

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