Make Hong Kong Online Dating Work

Want to try some Hong Kong online dating?

After living for half a year in Hong Kong I found the place to be very hustle-bustle.  That doesn't mean it can't be fun too!

Give yourself a chance to meet and date Hong Kong women while you're there.  Enjoy yourself as you connect with someone from such an exotic culture.

But first I recommend setting yourself up with these steps…

Step #1 - Join an Online Meetup Site

The first step towards Hong Kong dating online is to join some online dating sites. 

The two more popular ones are:

HongKongCupid - with a chance to try it for free you are in good hands.

I like Hong Kong Cupid online sites is because it's reliable and even tells you if/when there are women near you. 

You also find out when a HongKong woman checked out your profile.

Another online dating site you can try is - This is another popular Hong Kong meet-to-date website.  You can even sign up with Facebook if you're up for it (which makes things more convenient.)  Most of the people on are in this city also.

Craigs List - Surprisingly a lot of singles put their classified ads on this site.  You can simply go to Craigslist and put your current town.  Then you click on 'personals' and you're all set!

Did you join a site? Great!  Your next step is to set up a profile.

"What Do You Do Next To
Date Online in HongKong?"

Once you've joined all 3 and taken a look it's a good idea to move on to the next step.  Want to know how to meet cool Asian women near you?  Or would you rather discover the pros and cons of Hong Kong dating?

In any case make sure you have everything you need to turn your single-dom into a fulfilling love life.


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