"Why Wont Hot Korean Girls Date Me?"

Wonder why those hot Korean girls won't date you? 

Let's make our dating lives more enjoyable by understanding what's going on.

Why did those Korean women you had planned dates with choose not to meet you (let alone tell you they weren't going to show up!) 

Get an understanding of what you can and can't change to make that next date more of a success.  Between us...it can't get any worse, right? ;-)

The first one is the obvious...

You Are a 'Waygukin'

hot korean girls

That makes sense but what does that even mean? 

Actually that means 'foreigner'. ;-) 

Still...don't Asian women line up to date a foreign man?

Ahem…not quite.  Especially not in Korea!

Hot Korean women have choice and they don't necessarily want to be with someone from a different culture. 

It'll be a hassle figuring out your culture (not to mention the language barrier.)

Also there still is a stigma with interracial dating in Korea. 

You Might Be Leaving Anytime

For the locals there's the challenge that you might be leaving at anytime.  I remember the for me my last 3 months in Korea were rough...

I had to tell my date that I was leaving the country. I wanted to spend my last three months in Korea with her but it didn't happen. 


hot korean girls

Because she didn't want to get hurt.  So we broke it off. 

What does this mean to you?

Many beautiful Korean girls will like you…but they don't want to be on the receiving end when you leave. 

Unlike these 3 women they won't be around to wave 'goodbye'. ;-)

Even if you plan on staying - foreigners have a reputation for going back to their home countries (which makes sense.)

So many local women choose not to get involved.

You Don't Know How To Get a Korean Woman To Date You

Rest easy - it's our secret.  If you're not sure what to do to get hot Korean women to date you then it's time to have it sorted once and for all.

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You'll do more than know how to get that date with her.  You'll also learn how to show her you're a good catch even though you're a foreigner.

Prefer To Listen?

Check out my interview with RedpoleQ as we go into the challenges of dating hot Korean ladies.

Part 1

Part 2

Date Hot Korean Girls Today!

Now that you know what has been holding you back - let's get you in front of a beautiful Korean woman of your choice. 

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Enjoy! ;-)

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