Meet Hot Korean Women With These 3 Tips!

Want to meet hot Korean women? 

They are among the most beautiful of Asia in my opinion.  That being said - they're not the easiest to meet! 

Even when I was living in Korea I had a hard time getting to talk to Korean ladies because I didn't know what to do.

...not anymore! ;-)

So how can you get yourself in front of Korean women?  What can you talk about that will make her want to talk back?  Would it all be the same as talking to hot women back home?

"Where Can I Meet Hot Korean Women?"

There are three ways you can meet Korean women

offline - you can meet Korean ladies around you.  If you live in Korea you can simply walk out the door.  If not you can find social gatherings or Korean events where a lot of Korean girls go.  You can do a search online or ask around. 

hot korean women

Granted if you live in a small town you're better off looking online. 

Or you can go to korean towns or clubs where Korean girls hang out. 

In any case you'll have to be pro-active. 

online - you can join one of the top 3 Korean dating sites to get you started. 

Once you've set up a profile these sites will put you in touch with Korean singles.

social introductions - Do you have friends from Korea?  They can introduce you to single women if they like you. 

Personally I like to meet women offline while I'm out and about.  Granted that was a lot easier when I was in Korea.  Now that I don't live there anymore I'm looking at doing more online meet ups.

So let's say you meet a hot local woman - what do you say?  Let's make it easy for the both you...

Start Conversations With This

Find something topical to talk about - Did you meet her online or offline?  You can start a conversation about something you noticed about her.  Is she wearing a scarf in her picture (or in real life)?  You can ask her where she got it. 

It's okay if you're nervous when first talking to her.  Chances are she's nervous too.  It actually shows that you're socially aware and this will make her more comfortable to talk to you.

Ask her for directions - This is the oldest trick in the book but still works like a charm. ;-) 

Go up to her and ask her for directions to a certain spot.  Tell her you're supposed to meet friends and aren't sure how to get to there.  Heck you can make it fun by asking her for directions to where you currently both are!

When she tells you that you're 'here' already - give her a thumbs up and say "good job!" ;-)

"Wouldn't this work on 'any' woman?" I'm not sure but it definitely works on hot local girls! In general they aren't as "bitchy" as women back home.  Then again if they don't want to talk to you they'll walk away.

That being said - what's important isn't what you start the conversation with.  What matters is how you continue the conversation.

Keep The Conversation Going!

Once you've started the conversation you can interrupt it and ask her where she's from.  She'll say "Korea".  Then you tell her that she's lying and that she's really from Africa (Kenya to be precise. She looks like she's a fast runner.) ;-)

9 times out of 10 she'll laugh.  Yes - some will be offended about being considered African (which I find funny by the way) but to heck with them, right?

1% of them might even say "you shouldn't stereotype" but to heck with them too.

Anyways - once she laughs you can then say:  "I like your sense of humor and laughing, what's your name?"

And then you got the ball rolling.  Good job!

You can even have this conversation online too.  Just be sure to put 'smiley' facial expressions so that she knows you're kidding.  You can even add this "ㅋㅋ" (just copy and paste.)   It's the Korean version of "hehe".

Meet Hot Korean Women Today!

So what are you waiting for?  You know where to meet them and what to say.  The last thing you need is to know how to get sexy Korean girls laughing

Warning!  Once you know how to do that you'll get addicted to talking with the local women.  That's what happened to me and I don't think the addiction will ever go away.

Granted it's not like I want it to either. ;-)

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