Find Hot Sexy Asian Women in Asia!

Meet hot sexy Asian women and make your time in Asia more enjoyable!  

Don't Know where to go to find these beautiful Asian ladies?  You're in luck.


There are places in each country where the prettiest Asian girls hang out. 

It doesn't matter whether you're in Taipei or Tokyo - join the expats who know where to go to find and date Asian women.

Gotta check them all! ;-)

Pretty Asian Women in Taiwan

Are you visiting Taiwan?  THE place to go is called 'Zhongxiao Donhua'. It has a bustling nightlife and the Taiwanese ladies who go there are gorgeous!

How to get there:  Take the MRT to the 'Zhongxiao Dunhua' station on the Blue Line.  Once you get there check out the shopping center as well as the clubs (such as the 'Touch' Lounge bar. )

Taiwan does have pretty Asian women (not sure how to get a conversation started?  Click on the link for more!)

But wait…what if you're in or going to Japan instead?  Check out either of these two places!

hot sexy asian women
hot sexy asian women

Hot Sexy Asian Women in Japan

Japan also has beautiful women too.  You can find them hanging out in either Tokyo's 'Shibuya' station or Osaka's 'Namba' station.

They're both very popular areas for shopping and nightlife.  Japanese women also love to hang out there and have a coffee during the day time.

There are all kinds of Japanese ladies there from tanned Gyarus to office ladies.

How to get to there: If you're in Tokyo go to Shibuya station.  The same goes if you're in Osaka - go to Nanba station.

Personally I've only been to Nanba station and have loved it!  There were so many well-dressed up sexy Asian women.

What if you're in South-East Asia?  Check out Thailand!

hot sexy asian women
hot sexy asian women

Find Hot Sexy Asian Women in Thailand!

If you're in Bangkok you're in for a treat.  During the day you find beautiful Asian ladies at the 'Siam Paragon' shopping mall.  It's a 7 story mall that is usually busiest between 3pm and 7pm.

How to get there: To get there you take the BTS (Skytrain) and go to Siam station.  It links directly to the Siam mall.  You will find a BTS exit that takes you either to the front entrance or to a plaza that has its own entrance.

During the night you can go to Nana's Soi 11. You can find many lounges (such as Levels) and bars where the prettiest Thai women hang out (in my opinion and no…I'm not talking about the 'Lady Boys') ;-)

How to get there: Simply go out at BTS station Nana and go out of the most North-Eastern exit.  Once you get out soi 11 is the first road to your left.

hot sexy asian women
hot sexy asian women

What if you're planning a trip or live elsewhere in the Orient?

Want More Places To Meet Sexy Asian Women?

What if you're somewhere else?  Rest easy - you can find other places to meet the sexiest Asian women by clicking on the link.

Find out where to go if you're in South Korea, Hong Kong and mainland China.

Have fun! ;-)

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