Why is JapanCupid Great For
Dating Japanese Women?

Did you just join or are thinking of joining Japancupid?  Good for you!

You'll do more than just meet potential Japanese singles online.  You're also indirectly benefiting in these 3 ways!

I wish someone had told me about this when I first came to Asia...especially when I lived and worked in Hong Kong (as busy as Tokyo!)  So enjoy yourself thanks to online dating and the Asian women you'll meet through it.

Meet Japanese Singles Who Want To Meet You!

What's great about online dating is that you can find women who are looking to meet a Gaijin (or foreigner.) 

Japanese women join J-cupid because they know that they have a better chance at finding you that way.

Also many Japanese women who want to meet and date you want the privacy that online dating offers.

Maybe their friends are against interracial dating.  Maybe they want to just try something new.  In any case - this online website makes them feel more secure with meeting someone like you.

Besides the benefit of having pre-selected Japanese single women - how else is Japan Cupid great?

Benefit From Japanese Dating Culture

Unlike other Asian countries (namely Korea) - Japan culture is more open to casual dating.  Japanese in general are okay with young people having 'fun' and dating casually.

In addition to that - Japanese culture is more accepting of peoples' practical needs. 

So unlike Korea that demands that everyone be 'pure' and 'innocent' - Japan is more practical.  The Japanese woman you meet might be more into what you're into than you'd think! ;-)

The real benefit of J-cupid is this...

Meet Women on Your own time

If you have constant internet access and a smartphone you're all set.  Commuting to work?  Take the time to send some chats to Japanese girls you're into.  Waiting in line for food?  Take the chance to look for a woman you'd be into dating.

Check out J-cupid and enjoy some of the benefits right off the bat (it's free to join.) 

Want To Date Japanese Women Sooner?

Want more tips on how to date a woman from Japan?  Take my free 9-step Meeting to Dating Asian Women Self-Study Course.  Get instant access and begin improving your dating life in Asia today.

Enjoy! ;-)

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