"Do Japanese Girlfriends Do This?"

Expats who have Japanese girlfriends in Japan will say this:

Your girl from Japan will surprise you every time.

That's what makes us like Asian women - after all.  It's that they have traits we like such as being more respectful and polite.  Not to mention that Japanese ladies look stunning!

There are other things that your Japanese girlfriend will do that you're not aware of.  Get ready to discover the top 3 things that will affect your relationship with her.

You'll Do All The Planning

If you try to be aloof with your girlfriend she won't play along.  In the West we can make ourselves more attractive to our girlfriends by pretending that we're busy.  This makes us come across as more valuable.

This isn't the case in Japan.  If you ever expect her to contact you then you're in for a disappointment.

She won't suggest another time

Another example is if you call her to ask if she's free on..say..Tuesday.  If she's not she won't suggest an alternate time to meet you.  She will just say that she isn't free. 

Expect to do 100% of the planning when it comes to meeting and seeing your Japanese girl.

Expect Strong Cultural Differences...

She will never say "I love you".

Most People from Japan aren't very verbally expressive of their emotions.  Sure she might cry out 'Daiski!' (which means "I really like you!") 

Other than that - don't expect much.  She'll also be used to words of endearment like "sweetie" or "dearest". 

One of my friends would always call his Japanese girlfriend "darling".  It was funny because once at dinner I caught him calling her that throughout the night.

japanese girlfriends

She would always reply with a quizzical look on her face. 

That being said you are welcome to come up with a cute name for her (and only for her) as you go on dates. 

For example I dated a girl who would always do a super-happy pose when I took a picture. 

So I called her 'Genki' (which is Japanese for 'happy') and that was my nickname for her. 

She'd call me 'Kawai' (Japanese for 'cute') but I think she was just being polite. ;-)

In any case you'll love giving each other names too!

Japanese Women Don't Make Many Requests

You will not know their expectations and will go along with whatever you do.

The best part is that they won't hold it as a grudge or anything.  They won't do it out of 'passive aggressive-ness'.  Instead they are genuinely open to who you are and what you do (in general.) 

That being said it doesn't mean that they'll be totally happy. ;-)

You'll Never Know Your Japanese Girlfriend's Friends

Unlike in the West where you can hang out with your girlfriend and her friends - chances are you won't get to with your Japanese woman.

This is the same in Korea too.  In general your girlfriend likes to compartmentalize her social life. This is so that her different social circles don't mesh.  Quite shocking, isn't it? ;-)

Rest easy - what's next will make you happy.

She Will Be More and More Available

japanese girlfriends

If your Japanese woman wants to keep you as her boyfriend she will make herself available more and more. 

In fact it gets more involved than that.

You'll notice her staying over more. 

She'll also start to do things for you and generally do what it takes to keep you happy.

It sounds like heaven doesn't it? ;-)

Well…yes and no

What Your Japanese Girlfriend Doesn't Want You To Know

In general if a Japanese woman wants to have a foreign boyfriend she'll seek out those who've just arrived to Japan.  It doesn't matter whether this is in Tokyo or Fukuoka. 

The reason is that the guys who've just arrived don't really know about Japan all that well and have traditional Western frames.

So if this is the case with you then she doesn't want you to know the truth about cute Japanese women.

If you're up for it - click on the link and understand why she's so great.

Have fun! ;-)

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