3 Japanese Girls Dating Quirks Worth Knowing

Want to start dating Japanese women?

These Japanese girls dating quirks will prepare you for cultural things that differ from back home.

Don't get me wrong - you'll have the time of your life meeting Japanese ladies.  All my expat friends who live in Japan can't get enough of them.  In fact a reason why they stay in Japan is because hanging out and chatting with the women is so much fun!

So lets get you ready for having fun too. ;-)

Want Her Number? Get Her Email!

In Japan people correspond with each other via emails.  Even in this day of smart phone apps - Japanese women send emails to one another. 

So if you want her number and she insists on giving you her email - she's not blowing you off.  In fact she wants to stay in touch with you.  How she'll do it is cool too!

People in Japan don't give each other their emails.  They put their phones together and the email addresses exchange automatically.

And who said Japan wasn't cool? ;-)

What are some other funny quirks about Japanese dating and culture?

Is She Over 27?  Tease
Her For Being 'Make Inu'

"What is Make Inu?"  That means 'lost dog'.  It's also a Japanese term for women who are considered 'old'.  At the age of 27 a Japanese woman is supposed to be married.  If not then she "lost" the dating game (in Japan anyways.)

Now in the West it would be rude to tease a woman about something like this.  In Japan most women are quite "happy-go-lucky" and take things lightly.  This is what makes expats love Japanese girls, by the way.

If you want you can also call yourself Make Inu and tease yourself (which would make the whole thing more lighthearted.) ;-)

A Few More Japanese Girls Dating Quirks

In Japan if a woman has some quirks then it's considered 'Kawai' (which means 'cute'.) 

japanese girls dating

That's why you'll notice a lot of women with crooked teeth or who walk funny.

 I remember a time I was in Fukuoka and watched women walk with their feet pointed inward. 

A few women were doing this so I guess it's a trend?

You might also catch her with a funky laugh or facial gesture

A girl from Japan that was dating my friend would widen her eyes and say "eeeh?" everytime my friend made a funny remark.  It was quite cute actually. ;-)

Just…funky and something you'd never see in other parts of Asia (or at least I haven't in my 6 years here.)

Want Practical Japanese Girls Dating Tips?

Meet women from Japan and you'll have fun.  Their culture and lightheartedness make them among the funnest girls to date.  In fact I find them to be the funnest girls to interact with in Asia (aside from with Issan women in Thailand.)

In any case - gain confidence in your ability to dating in Japan by clicking on the link.  For exclusive tips that will go strait to your inbox, put your first name and email in the boxes below.

Talk soon! ;-)

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