Japanese Marriage REVEALED!

Live in Japan and want to have a Japanese marriage?

Women from Japan are known for their good treatment of their husbands and children.  In fact many guys choose to marry a woman from Japan because they know that she will be faithful and loyal.

Or will she?

Discover the truth behind marriage in Japan and if it's for you.

In Japan You Marry For Practical Reasons

japanese marriage

Japanese marriage is a practical arrangement. 

There is romanticism around weddings but not so for what happens after.

People from Japan marry for raising kids and financial stability. 

When it comes to marriage the average Japanese woman won't care much about 'landing a rich or an amazing' guy. 

She'd be happy with a  "nice guy" because he won't leave her and is predictable.

This is different than in the West where women require the guy to have a level of ambition and flair. 

How else would your married life be different?

How is 'Japanese Marriage' Different?

If you choose to marry a woman who happens to come from Japan then the dynamics will change A LOT.  For example when she gets married she suddenly goes from having no responsibilities to a list of duties.

She will have to learn how to cook (which 'traditionally' your mother has to teach her.)  She'll learn to cook how you grew up as she becomes part of your family.

She will also become a housewife (you will be expected to be the main breadwinner.)

This is so engrained in their culture that if a married woman has a child depending on her profession (flight attendant, nurse) she is expected to quit her job.

She won't work until the child is 4 years old.  She might work part-time to help out financially but mainly she will be a housewife.  You can expect her to

 • cook 

 • clean

 • take care of the children.

"How Is This Different Than With a Western Woman?"

More Western women live alone and are used to doing house chores.  So when you marry a Western woman chances are she's already been doing many of those types of chores already.  Not so for a woman from Japan.

When she lived at home her parents took care of everything.  When she leaps into the 'housewife' role it will affect her emotionally.  It will also affect you in other areas of your life as well...

What Japanese Marriage Is Like in The Bedroom

When you get married chances are your bed will mainly be used for sleeping.  Check out this article about 'sexless Japan'  from Stippy.com here.

How come?  For one thing your Japanese wife might not have the energy for it.   She is adjusting to a new role filled with duties and might be too tired for anything else.

Also many Japanese wives feel like sex is a duty once you marry.  Since you're a family now then it should no longer be fun.  Instead its for practical purposes. 

This is different than in the West where people are expected to have a 'fun and romantic' wedding AND marriage.  Fun and romance take a backseat to family…especially in the bedroom.

But then what about all those stories of Japanese housewives who cheat on their husbands?

Do Japanese Housewives Really Sleep Around?

Japanese women do take marriage seriously just like in the West…but Japanese society doesn't put restrictions on female sexuality as much as people do in your country.

So the answer would be 'it depends'.  Many housewives in Japan are used to husbands going to "business clubs" or "soapy massages".

For example when Bill Clinton was caught cheating - most Japanese wouldn't be angered because of that.  Instead they would be angered that the media caused him to lose face for something that is (as such a powerful man) quite normal.

So housewives can go back to having the guys they dated on the side.

What All This Means To You

Chances are you'll have this experience - you'll notice that she was more fun before your Japanese marriage.  Once you get married she will switch roles from being a fun girlfriend to a strict housewife who's main priority is 'family'.

Understand - this is a Japanese culture thing.  I also describe the majority of what the Japanese marriage is like.  You might be dating a Japanese woman who might be different.  Click on the link for more on how to do that.

In any case you and her are individuals.  If you're up for it you can mention what I've discussed to your Japanese girl and get her take on it. 

So until you get married...have fun! ;-)

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