"Could a Japanese Office Lady Date You?"

Live in Japan?

I'm sure you've seen a beautiful Japanese office lady near you.  If you're lucky you might actually be working with some!

Imagine what it would be like to go on a date with one (instead of limiting yourself to just looking.) ;-)

Get to see her 'wild' side as you connect with her in a fulfilling and easy way!

But what is it like to be a woman who works at an office in Japan?  Is her situation the same as an office worker back home?

Well, yes and no…

As you can imagine, the typical Japanese office worker's life is very routine.  
They wake up, go to work, grab a coffee, go to dinner and go to sleep.  

That being said - if you found yourself dating one - you'll be amazed to discover that she has a hobby.  You'll also enjoy knowing that she has more free time to spend with you.

How come? 

Here's why...

"Being an Office Lady Is Not a Career Choice"

As opposed to in Western companies - many women who work in offices in Japan aren't making a 'career choice'.  This is because in Japan most women will either marry and become a housewife OR will be a live-at-home-woman (known in Japan as being a "parasite single")

Note: For more on cultural insights about beautiful Japanese women - click on the link!

Why is this good for you?

japanese office lady

Most office ladies give themselves more free time and don't have much going on.

As opposed to say a Korean woman working at an office who works 12 hour shifts, in Japan most women work a lot less.

They have more time for hobbies and dating. 

So if you want to date a Japanese office lady you're in luck! 

In fact most foreign expats date office women.

So where can you meet them if you're not working in the same company?

"Where Can You Meet A Japanese
Office Lady During The Day?"

They usually hang out at coffee shops like Starbucks that they go to during lunch or after work.  Most office workers finish at 6pm so 7pm would be a good time to go grab a coffee.

They either go with colleagues or friends (which is normal.)  Sometimes you can find them going alone with a book - which suits you better if you want to strike a conversation.

What if you're more of a 'night' person?

Meet Japanese Office Ladies At Bars

Ideally you can go to the 'business-y' areas.  There are even stand-up bars you can go to where you can meet them.

Have fun starting a conversation with them.  The goofier you are the more likely she will be attracted.  For more on how to chat up beautiful Japanese ladies - click on the link.

Would You Be Satisfied Dating an Office Lady?

Many foreign expats date Japanese girls who work in offices.  Chances are you'll enjoy dating one too.

She'll have a hobby that you might get into.  She is open to a good time and her culture encourages her to have fun.  What do you have to lose? ;-)

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