Want a Korean Girlfriend? 
3 Steps You Can Take Today!

Want a Korean girlfriend?  Korean women are beautiful and exotic!  After living in Korea for 5 years my clients know how much I adore them. :)

How would you like to date a Korean woman for the chance of a more serious relationship?

Rest easy - with these 3 steps you can take today (yes - today) you'll boost your chances at bringing one into your life.

The most important step is this first one...

Meet Korean Women

Unless you live in a big Korean city or in a Korea town I recommend looking to meet Korean women online.

The best site for this is Korean Cupid.

Simply sign up today and it will tell you if there are Korean women nearby for dating. 

It takes a couple of minutes to set yourself up so why not do it now?

So now you're set up for dating Korean women for finding a Korean girl friend - what next?

Date Korean Women

It's time to get her wanting to set up dates.  Once you're online you'll find Korean ladies who are interested in your profile.  Start a free Asian chat with them with these tips.

Make sure you get her number as soon as possible to schedule a date.  If she's in your area I recommend taking her to somewhere

 • safe

 • sociable

 • full of people

This will make her feel safe enough in coming to meet you for a date.

So let's say you've scheduled a date with her - what can you do today to boost your chances at making her your girlfriend?

Make The Date a Success!

Write down topics you can talk about - The biggest mistake guys make is to leave the conversation uncomfortably silent.   Avoid this by preparing conversation topics now.  Pull out a notepad and find out things to talk about.  Make sure you have these vital first date conversations first. 

It will help you know if she'd make the right kind of girlfriend for you.  Hey - women run us through tests to find if we're a match too.  It's part of the dating game. ;-)

Plan the date - Let other guys lazily think that 'love will just happen'.  That's not our case.  Let's take this 'dating thing' by the horns.  I recommend planning out your date.  Make it the best first date ever so that she'll see you again.

"How Long Until I Have a Korean Girlfriend?"

korean girlfriend

The short answer is:  It depends.

It depends on

 • how badly to you want to have a Korean woman in your life

 • is there a match between you to

 • do you both have the time to be a couple

 • did you display your appeal as a partner well enough

 • and other things outside of our control

They are people too and nothing is certain with people. ;-)

In any case - boost your chances at getting a Korean girlfriend by taking my 9-step Meeting to Dating Asian Women Self-Study Course

You'll instantly have access to it by putting your first name and email in the boxes below (it's all kept private.)  You can study at your own pace and it's on me!

At last - Get ready for a fulfilling love life!

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