"Will She Be Your Korean Wife?"

Dating a Korean woman with the hopes that she'll be your Korean wife?  You might be getting along fine.  In fact you might be her best candidate and guy she's ever dated.

Is that enough to make her want to marry you?  After all - you're from a different culture and being with you might require changes she doesn't want to make.  

I personally come from a multi-ethnic family and have seen the culture shocks that at times made my mother reconsider her marriage.

In any case - After living in Korea for 5 years and watching relationships come and go - this is what I've noticed.

Signs Your 'Korean Wife' Hopes Won't Happen

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What are some signs that your Korean girlfriend isn't even thinking about marrying you? 

Here are some of the more basic ones but are still valid today:

She doesn't introduce you to her friends. 

If you haven't met her friends after dating for a while - that's a bad sign. 

It means that she's keeping her relationship with you a secret from them. 

If she has no intention of letting you meet her friends - assume that she's just having fun with you.

"Is this bad?" Only if you want something serious with her.  It's not because she doesn't care about you. 

You see - Korean society today regards interracial marriage with contempt.  Many Korean women don't want to deal with that.

Granted, maybe she just doesn't have friends nearby or maybe she has introduced you to a few of them.  Does that mean she wants to be your Korean wife?  Not quite - here's another tell tale sign.

You Haven't Met Her Parents Yet

Before a Korean marriage - the couple meet each other's parents.  It's part of most Asian cultures, including Koreans'.  So if you've been dating for a while and you haven't met her parents (or she hasn't mentioned it) then chances are she's not thinking about marrying you. 

It's a big step for an Asian woman to introduce their foreign boyfriend to their parents.  For Koreans its more so because of it's xenophobic culture (even for other Asians!)  Yes this is changing but maybe her parents aren't part of the new and open-minded trend. 

So if you've been dating for 3 months or so and still haven't met her parents (even though you talked about it) then chances are she's not thinking about becoming your Korean wife.

Okay - let's say you've only started dating, what is a tell-tale sign that she's not thinking about marrying you?

What Does She Do When You Mention 'Korean Marriage'?

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What does she do when you mention being her husband? 

Does she smile at the thought? 

Or does she gaze into the distance with a cold expression? 

I once thought about marrying a Korean woman. 

Every time I talked about marrying she would gaze into the distance with an expressionless face. 

If only I had accepted that as a sign that she's not interested…it would've saved me from heartache. 

Avoid this and reconsider dating that Korean woman if you want to marry.

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