What Little Thai Girls Grow up
Learning About Foreign Men

Curious about what little Thai girls think of us?  When Thai women grow up they hear stories and get ideas in their minds about what dating foreign men are like.

"Is it good news or bad?"

You're soon about to find out. ;-)  That being said you might find some of the things amusing.

So let's start with the positives!

Note: I'm referring to most Thai girls and of course not all.  A lot of the wealthier Thai women have meet foreigners in different circumstances and thus have different opinions. 

Then again they're the minority and you probably won't meet them anyways.

"What Kind of Boyfriend or Husband
Would a Foreign Man Make?"

As far as little Thai girls are concerned - some are encouraged to find, date and marry a foreign man.  How come?

Foreign men (or 'farang') have a reputation of being caring and stable.  I have to admit that if you compare us to the typical Thai man we do pretty well in how we treat them.

Chances are that we stay faithful and try to please them (or at least we're known for that.)  Most importantly - we're ignorant about the Asian/Thai relationship dynamics for the most part.

So it's all good right?  Well…kinda.

"Foreign Men Are Wealthy And Lazy"

Or at least thats what a lot of little Thai girls grow up believing.  I don't blame them - a lot of retired expats come to Thailand with money to spare.  They hang out a lot and go drinking at night.  If we had a group of people just relaxing at home with money to spare we'd believe the same thing.

So we're seen as wealthy (and in most cases we are compared to the average Thai local.) 

Does a Thai woman dating me only want my money?  Find out what 'Thai love' means and how it can affect your love life.

Okay…not so bad so far.  Let's get into some of the funny stuff.

What You Don't Know About Being Foreigner...

You're seen as a bumbling idiot…As far as little Thai girls are concerned anyways. ;-)  If you've just come to Thailand then you don't know how things work around here. 

You don't know

 • the real prices of things

 • if you should tip or not

 • or when to 'Wai'

Foreign tourists dress in flip flops and show off their upper bodies (doing both is looked down upon).

I could go on for many reasons why Thais think foreigners are silly.  Then again we would do the same thing when we see foreigners in our country who aren't aware of our culture.

Speaking of culture…there's a crucial truth you'll have to accept if you want to date Thai women and maybe start a life in Thailand.

You will never, ever, fit in.  Thai society is reserved for Thais or Asian-looking foreigners (preferably East Asian…currently they love Korean guys!)

Side Note: There are a lot of cultural similarities between Korea and Thailand.  After living in both I find these two countries to be more homogeneous than at first glance.  Ahhh Asia ;-)

In any case this reality might be a tough pill to swallow…especially after you've lived in Thailand for a while and know their language and culture.  This is even true if you have a Thai wife. 

This is too bad in my opinion.  Then again I don't make the rules.  This is common in Asia and if you want to be an expat here you'll have to accept it.

Would Beautiful Thai Women Want To Date You?

The 'farang' stereotype makes it so that certain types of hot Thai women want to date you.  It also makes others want to avoid you (unless you're an East-Asian expat.)

In any case If you want to get more tips and techniques about dating Asian women then put your first name and email below.  Get my most exclusive advice straight to your mailbox.

Enjoy! ;-)

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