Meet Japanese Women in 3 Simple Steps!

Want to meet Japanese women?

Did you move to Japan or for some other reason many hot Japanese women surround you?  

You're in luck!  Japanese ladies are among the funnest to interact with.  In fact my colleagues and I agree that they're the most fun to hang out with in all of Asia.  

Yes - I do dare you to find a more fun group of beautiful Asian ladies. ;-)

So how would you start a conversation with a Japanese lady?  What is the safest way to get her laughing and wanting to keep talking to you?

Step #1 - Approach Her Safely

The most important thing you can do to meet Japanese women is to make sure you're

 • safe
 • sane 

 • social

You do that even before you start talking to her.  I recommend approaching her from the side and tapping her upper arm with the back of your hand.  Do it gently!

Once you've done that and you have her attention then ask her something safe and socially acceptable.

Here are some examples:

"Hey there - do you know where (such and such) is?"


"Hey there - do you know where I can find a good Izakaya bar?" Izakaya is a Japanese style bar.

Chances are she'll giggle and will be shocked that you talked to her at all.  It's not really in Japanese culture to talk to strangers (except for Nanpa but that's something else.)

Be sure to smile and lean back to make her feel safe enough to talk with you.

So this next step is the most important.

Step #2 - Cut The Thread And Get Her Laughing!

As soon as she begins to respond you interrupt her and say:

"Wait a minute! Do you speak Japanese?"  or you can say "Wait a minute! Didn't I see you before?"

She'll look shocked and this is where you get her laughing.  You can say:

"I'm sorry - I thought you were from Africa!"  Now this is funny because there's no possible way she could be from Africa (she's Japanese, right?)  This has nothing to do with Africa.  You can pic any other place but for some reason 'Africa' gets the most laughs. 

"Yeah! You work at MacDonalds (Makeu Donaldo!") You can then pretend that she smells of grease. So lean in to check. ;-)

Again - this is all fun and flirting.  She'll laugh, you'll laugh and you'll both have a good time.

Step 3 is what makes the interaction work.

Step #3 - Get Her Name Under The Right Dynamic

So let's says she laughs - what next?  This is where you give her a thumbs up and say:

"Your laughing is good! I like that! What's your name?"  Basically this does two things:

#1 - it gets an excuse to have her name and make the interaction more intimate

#2 - it sets up the dynamic of her doing something nice for you and then you do something nice for her

This is how human relationships work - you both keep giving each other value.  You also get to lead the interaction because you're the one rewarding.

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