Begin Meeting Asian Women Confidently!

Want to start meeting Asian women?

Whether you've just landed in Asia or have been here for a while now - get ready to bring one in your life.

The #1 reason why guys don't meet Asian ladies is because of not knowing what to do.  Either that or they try to do too much too soon (which I'm guilty of.)  That creates 'analysis paralysis'. 

Make it easier on yourself by following these steps at your own pace.  In any case you'll benefit both in your dating and personal life as well.

First it's important to...

Know Your Asian Host Country's Culture

How much do you know about your town?  Is your knowledge limited to what your expat friends have told you after a few beers? 

You have no idea on what you're missing.  There are not just fascinating tidbits about your host country: You can also meet Asian ladies through your discoveries too.

here's how:

Go to museums.   The museums nearby are a great way to enjoy learning the culture AND meeting Asian women.  When I lived in Hong Kong I went to the museum of history.  After a few hours I can confidently say that I know about Hong Kong than 80% of expats who have been here just as long as I!

I also met some pretty Asian women who taught me about her culture (and whom I impressed with my curiosity.)  The BEST part is that what I've learned I can bring up on dates impress her even more.

But if museums are not really your thing (or if you've been-there-done-that) where else can you go?

Go to language classes.  You can easily find language classes for expats near you.  Depending on where you are you might have to pay (or it might be free.)  Usually universities offer language exchange classes to let their students get teaching and translation experience.  Why not check the classes out? 

You can learn some of the local lingo AND meet beautiful Asians as well.

Where else can you go to potentially date Asian women?

Check Out Social Events

meeting asian women

How often can your do you go to social gatherings? 

Your town might have events on weekdays and weekends. 

Check out events in your city if you're serious about finding beautiful Asian women.

Search online for events.  There is always a website that lets you know where to go for meeting Asian women. 

Craigslist also has posts about certain social activities happening in your city.

Go for a walk.  What are the popular areas in your town? There are plenty of happenings that you can find during a stroll.  In Bangkok you can check out Soi 11.  If you're in Hong Kong go to Soho.  In Seoul you can go to Itaewon.  You might get surprised just walking around your neighborhood.

So let's say you do find many Asian women - what next?

Strike A Conversation

Get her talking to you with these quick chat tips.  As a dating coach (and having used these myself) you can rest assured that these work well.

meeting asian women

Comment on something intriguing about her.  Is she wearing a baseball cap?  Ask her if she's a fan of that baseball team. 

Does she have a bright orange drink? 

Tell her that her drink looks very bright. 

These might sound like silly ways to get the conversation started but they work.  If you want you can even make a joke about it. 

For example if she's wearing a baseball cap ask her if she's a player for that team. 

If her drink bright orange ask her if it glows in the dark. ;-)

For more practical tips on how to meet and date Asian women put your name and email below.  You'll get started with our '9 Steps to meeting and dating an Asian woman'.  It's a self-study course that will come to you with a succession of emails with exercise you can do now.

Enjoy! ;-)

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