"Why Does My Asian Girlfriend Do This?"

"Help! My Asian girlfriend is doing something I've never seen before!"

Relax.  Chances are you're just coming across some cultural differences that you've never seen before. 

I remember the first time I came to Korea my first Asian girlfriend dressed very sexy for my birthday (and taking me around Seoul).  At the same time she didn't allow for public display of affection - that was confusing.

Boy did I find this confusing.  My first girlfriend in Hong Kong once discovered that I liked cats (which I do.)  She would then send a me bunch of pictures of cute cat photos everyday.  Huh?

So let's look at some things your girl does and why she might be doing it.

Note: Asian women are people too and what I'm discussing here is more because of the cultural upbringing differences than anything else.  I don't think all Asian women are like this.  Your girlfriend might not do these things at all.

She Can Act Like a Child

my asian girlfriend

By this I mean that she can do things that a child does.

Does your Asian girl get super excited all of a sudden? 

For example when you're at a restaurant - do you suddenly see her get super happy? 

Or what if you tell her that you're skipping desert - does she start to pout the way a child would?

Expect this because in Asia

 • acting childish is 'cute' and

 • she's not expected to be "an adult"

Now let me explain.  In Japan for example you will notice all the funky styles and cute expressions.  In Korea you have all the K-pop stars looking like children doing a 'V' symbol with their hands.  In Asia if you're childish it's cute and "in". 

For the second part we need to look at some realities: In Asia if a woman can show that she didn't need to "grow up" and take responsibility for herself - it's a symbol of wealth.  This dates back from Ancient China where it was fashionable to tie a woman's ankles together.  Today it's about having

 • white skin (shows that you don't work outside)

 • a boyfriend who does everything for you (carry the purse, pay the bills, buy gifts)

 • the luxury of staying a child as long as possible (for women who 'grow up' when married)

So if you find yourself saying "why does my Asian girlfriend act like a little princess sometimes?" The answer is because her culture expects that of her.

What else would your girlfriend do that's funny?

Note: I'm open to debate.  I don't claim to know everything about Asia.  Feel free to contact me at any time.  Your input is appreciated.

She Gets Embarrassed When Naked

Let's say you've just had fun in the bedroom.  You want to lie down naked with her.  As soon as you lay down she gets up and goes to the bathroom.  A few minutes later you find out that she showered and put her clothes back on.

What gives?

In my opinion I'd say it's because 'sex' plays a more utilitarian role than in the West.  It's a 'deed' that women do to please their boyfriends and/or husbands. 

So she probably grew up learning to limit the time she spends naked in front of men. 

What else could your Asian girlfriend be doing that can puzzle you?

She Doesn't Want Public Display of Affection

Even after being together for months - she still feels uncomfortable with public display of affection.  Even if she's a freak in bed - What's up with that?

For Asian women it's more important to show her "pure" side in public than for Western women.  In the West women grow up learning about making a stand for what they want to wear and who they are.  It's not the case for Asian women.

Asian society still expects Asian ladies to act a certain way in front of others.  Now the younger generation might not have this as much but you might notice it from time to time.  In any case I recommend accepting it.

If she likes you enough she'll start to change for you.

What Does Your Asian Girlfriend Do?

So I've mentioned things that my Asian girlfriends used to do that puzzled me.  What about you?  What are some cultural experiences you've had with her that left you puzzled?  Funny stories and pictures are welcome! ;)

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