"Which Online Chinese Dating Sites Work
Best For Dating Women From China?"

Which online Chinese dating sites work best for meeting and dating Mainland women?

After living in Asia for 6 years and talking to my expat friends in China - this is what we've found.  

Save time and money by signing up with the most useful online dating websites.  Granted there will be some culture shock involved.  Also things will be easier if you speak Mandarin. 

Rest easy if you don't - there are ways around that too. ;-)

The Top Chinese Online Dating Websites

online chinese dating

It's quite easy to find girls at online dating sites if you know where to go. 

Some of the more popular online dating sites for dating Mainland women include

ChnLove - after 14 years of helping expats and women from mainland get together for romance and love...it's still one of the top sites.  Check out my interview with Chnlove spokesperson to get a better idea of how it can help.

Jiayuan.com - This is the top Chinese matchmaking site. 

You can find dates from all over mainland. 

The only challenge with it is that you have to be able to read (and chat) in Mandarin. 

Or you can use 'Google Translate' to get you started. ;-)

Shanghaistuff.com - On this site you can find social events as well as online members who are open to interracial dating.  Even though you can find people from other parts of mainland China - it's mainly useful if you are in Shanghai.

What if you don't speak Mandarin?

Other Ways To Meet and Date Mainland Women Online Are...

There are a lot of other online dating sites for expats who don't speak Mandarin.  Some example are:

imqq.com -  This is China's version of MSN.  Most Mainland ladies you meet will have it.  You can also find some girls through it.  Simply go to the site and download it.  They have a PC and Mac version so rest easy in both  cases.

Note: Should you put your profile in Mandarin or English?  I recommend putting it in English.  Most expats who use it end up meeting more local ladies with an English profile.

If you have a smartphone you can check out

WEchat - This is a social networking app that most Mainland women use.  After you've downloaded it and made your profile it will introduce you to potential dates in China.

MoMo: MoMo is another Chinese app for meeting Chinese ladies.  This one is more geared to potential dating than chatting with friends.

Skout - Another social networking app.  Skout allows you to do more than connect with Mainland women nearby.  You also get to know how far they are from you and which ones have checked you out.  This makes online Chinese dating a lot easier.

Go to the 'apps download' app of your smart phone and you can get both of them on me (it's a joke - they're already free.) ;-)

Get An Expat in China's Experience

Check out what expat Dating Coach 'Kane Vast' has to say and what websites he recommends.  Kane helps expats with PickupAsia.com and local guys from China with Man up China.

Find out

 • which sites he doesn't recommend at (02:15)

 • how to start a conversation online (05:10)

 • and more...

Make The Most of Your Online Chatting Experience!

Get the most out of meeting Mainland women online.  You'll do more than meet beautiful Asian ladies: You'll discover a new culture and learn some Chinese too.

Granted it depends on what type of woman you're meeting.  Get an idea of the 3 different types of pretty Chinese women you can end up meeting here.  Which one(s) would want to date you and vice versa?

Find out for yourself! ;-)

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