What a Typical Pattaya Girl is Like

Discover what a typical Pattaya girl is like!  As you make your way to this part of the world I'm sure you're curious as to what you can expect!

Well - besides the fact that they're pretty there is a story behind them.  After living near Pattaya for 3 months and meeting a lot of different people this is what I've found.

Get ready for an insider's look...

Different Types of Pattaya Ladies

Note that not all Pattaya women are into the night scene there.  Many are actually either locals or work normal jobs.

I'd say that 80% (or more) are from out of town working the night scene to make some money.  They are only in Patts (as the locals call it) to rake in cash or meet a potential boyfriend (passive income asset.)   You can read more about these Thai go go girls here.

"What about the local Pattaya ladies? Do they just want money too?"

Not necessarily.  That being said there is a dynamic in Patts worth knowing about.

How Do Pattaya Girls View Expats?

Expats have the reputation of

 • being old and having money
 • retiring
 • visiting or living (doing the 'whore mongering')

So if you don't fit this mold you're seen as a tourist.  In any case we are attractive mainly because of our finances and the security we can bring.

You see - foreigners are known for making good boyfriends.  Discover what little Thai girls grow up believing about us here.

So many of the local Thai girls want to date us too…the problem is that they don't think they are pretty enough (compared to the gogo dancers and bar girls.)

What You Must Know About Dating a Pattaya Woman

Whether you come to Pattaya on a trip or to move here - it's good to know what to expect.  I don't recommend dating Pattaya girls before reading these tips.

Also many women in Pattaya who work the night scene have inflated egos and expect a lot of money.  The prettier ones can make close to 60,000 baht a month! 

My friends and I hung out in a bar in Pattaya and one of the girls was telling us that she made 60,000 baht.  In fact it was her "boyfriend" who sent that money to her! She wasn't even "working"!

To this day I'm not sure why she was a waitress at the bar.  I think she's just making as much money as she can for her family.  That's what most girls in Pattaya are about anyways.

Should You Date a Girl From Patts?

The rule of thumb here is to never fall in love.  Many of the expats who've made Patts their home enjoy the company of many women.  I'm not going to say whether it's good or bad as long as the women are with them out of choice.

That being said - if you can keep your heart in your chest and an eye on your wallet you'll be okay.  In fact once you accept these realities you'll have a great time!

Thai girls are fun and the ladies in Pattaya are no exception. ;-)

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