Why Dating Pattaya Girls is Okay!

Coming to "Patts" to meet some Pattaya girls?  You've heard about how beautiful they were.  You might have also heard about why it's not a good idea to date them. ><

Sadly the reputation is that they're all whores who only want your money. 

Now there's some truth to that (and not all Pattaya girls are hookers by the way) but there's more to them that meets the eye.

In fact many guys date Pattaya women and come out alive. ;-)

It's a matter of knowing and accepting this:

Accept The Obvious

They're survivors - Most Pattaya women who work the sex scene are from poorer regions.  In fact Pattaya for them is the Land of Opportunity.  A pretty Thai girl can make more money in one night than you make in a week.  I'm serious.  And who cares what your social status is? If you have the gold you make the rules, right?

They are also survivors.  Their main focus is on making enough money for their families and themselves.  "Love" and "getting along" takes a second seat.

They're fun - Most Pattaya girls enjoy a good time and a good laugh.  They don't care to talk politics or debate Einstein's theory or relativity (so don't.)  In fact they're eager to please and do make your life more enjoyable.

The best part about most Pattaya ladies is that...

They want to meet foreign men - you heard me right.  Most of these women come from the North-Eastern province of Issan.  It's quite a poor place.  The women grow up believing that dating and then marrying a foreigner is a ticket to riches (and often it is.)

Note: Want to know more about what little Thai girls grow up learning about expats? Click on the link!

So dating these Thai women can be a blast.  Just be sure to know what they value and to protect yourself (more than than just for your bedroom activities.) ;-)

Protect Yourself!

One thing you never want to do in Pattaya is fall deeply in love.  The reason is that these women are street savvy.

If they smell that they can walk all over you they will.  Granted that's not new - it's never a good idea to fall deeply in love with any woman, right?  The second your emotions take over is when it's "game over".

Don't buy land or anything for her!  Give her an allowance instead.  Dating a Pattaya girl?  Make sure you never give her any legal rights to your land or money.  Never! I've heard too many horror stories of men who think that their girl is different. 

Even after years of dating or marriage - if your Thai woman originally planned to rob you dry when she first met you…that's never going to change.  If it takes 5 years to wait patiently until you give her land and money - heck that's a better deal than working a business for 5 years with no guarantees!

So if ever you want something serious with her simply ask her how much does she need per month "to live"?  She'll give you an amount.  That's all you have to give her.

Farang expats who've done that have noticed that their Thai dates are happy and thus so are they.

When Dating Pattaya Ladies is For You

So there are positive and negative sides to these women.  Do note that I'm not talking about all Pattaya women.  In fact as Pattaya "cleans up" many more "normal" girls are going to work and live in Pattaya.

But let's be honest here - if you're in no physical or financial position to date gorgeous women back home then consider Pattaya.  Be smart about it and you'll have a blast. 

Many expats have and so will you!

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