3 Types of Pretty Chinese
Women Worth Knowing

Live in Asia and want to date pretty Chinese women?

If you live in a big Chinese city then you're in luck...

…or are you?

There are 3 types of beautiful Chinese ladies out there.  Find the right one for you and you'll have a great time in China.  Waste too much time with the wrong one and it's another story.

So which ones are worth meeting?  I think you'll enjoy the first type...

Type #1 - The 'Foreign Lovers'

They'll love you and everything about you and your culture.  In fact as soon as you start a conversation with them they will "hang on your every word" (as my good expat friend 'Kane' puts it.)  They also probably speak English which they've probably self-taught (through watching 'Desperate Housewives' and 'Vampire Diaries'…among the most famous expat shows in Asia?) ;-)

Note that they want to have a relationship with you as soon as possible. 

"Really?   Do they just want my money?" 

In nearly most cases they actually prefer being with a foreign guy.  Maybe they've been with one before and loved it. 

Granted they would love to move to a foreign country.  Not because they want the visa - they would just love to as an added bonus. 

"Where can I find pretty Chinese women like this? Most of them live in the bigger cities like Shanghai and Beijing.

But what if you live in a smaller city like Shenzen or Guandong?  You'll bump into the 2nd type of Chinese woman.

Type #2 - Foreigner-Curious

Many pretty Chinese women are curious and interested about dating a foreign man.  On the other hand they have never been with one before.

These women are different because they'll give you some attention…just enough for you to make a move.  And that's only if you can.

"Why wouldn't you be able to?"

Because they might not speak much English.  If you speak Mandarin then you're in a great position to introduce her to dating an expat.  Just expect a lot of Chinese culture (such as the 'farmer hygiene' which is code for 'none'.)

I hate to say it but chances are you'll have to share with her more than just your country's language.  You might have to show her your hygienic expectations too. 

You can find most foreign-curious pretty Chinese women in the smaller cities (Shenzhen, Chengdu, etc…)

So that's all well and good right?  Well…there are also many women who wouldn't care to give you a chance...

…and here's why.

Type # 3 - Many Chinese Women Just Don't Date Foreigners

There are a lot of hot Chinese women who just won't date foreigners.  They just either aren't into foreign culture or just don't care to be.  Also they have their own social circles that give them all the guys they care to date.

Sure - there are women like this all around Asia.  China's case is a little different because these Chinese ladies can come from any social class.

In Korea or Thailand for example, it's mainly the social elite that won't mingle with expats.  In Japan, it's mainly the subcultures that expats don't get involved in (Gyaru culture, for example.)

So that means that you'll have to sift through these pretty Chinese ladies to find those who would be into dating you.

That being said…let's say you do find a pretty Chinese woman you'd like to date - what next?

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In part 2 we discuss:

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Enjoy! ;-)

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