Sex on A First Date - Should You Go For It?

Have a date soon?  Deciding whether sex on a first date should be your 'goal' for the night?

Would your Asian date appreciate it or would she find you repulsive?  Would it hurt your chances of seeing her again?  Or would she appreciate that you want to get so physically intimate so soon?

I've personally had sex with women on a first date.   There were times where they declined and other times where they were glad.

"why were they glad?"

Because they wanted to as well and they wanted to get it out of the way.  One Asian woman I was dating in particular wanted to test to see ASAP how good I was in the sack.  We have dated for years so I guess it was good. ;-)

That being said - there are pros and cons about rushing for sex.  Let's start with the pros (and the obvious one at that.)

Disclaimer:  Use this at your own risk.  My job is to only offer you this advice.  I'm only the messenger.  It's up to you if you should use it or not.  If you don't want to push for sex or if she doesn't want to then be smart - don't do it!

Sex on A First Date Pros

sex on first date

You'll both get to enjoy it sooner - A lot of men like to believe that women want to stay pure…especially Asian women. 

A lot of ladies around the world love sex. 

In fact your date might only be with you because she wants a good time in the sack. 

So what's the point of delaying?

You'll save yourself the time - This might sound crude but let's face it - A lot of dates you go on its because you want to have sex with them.

If you're with a woman and she doesn't fit your level of sexuality you'll know sooner. 

That way you can let her be and move on to someone who would want to get physical sooner.

She'll know your intentions - A lot of times it's not the fact that a guy wants sex that makes us come across as 'dogs'.  The problem is that a lot of men don't admit it and so their dates don't trust them when they try to make a pass.

A woman would rather be on a date with a guy who wants to have sex with them (and admits to it) than a guy who pretends that he doesn't…when in reality he does.  Believe me - women can smell out the phonies (or at least that something isn't "quite right".)  That's what puts them on edge. 

So going for first date sex is all good - right?  Not exactly…

Sex on A First Date Cons

You might lose her - She might be more conservative than you think.  Either that or she needs more time before she decides to have sex with you (both are perfectly acceptable.)  If you rush things you'll come across as desperate which could cost you the date and the girl.

You could face embarrassment - Pushing for sex might embarrass you and her.  This is not a pleasant feeling...especially if you know each other from a social circle or work.  What's even worse…

You could face legal charges - Now I'm going to put this out there for you to ponder on it.  If you go too far or too fast she might feel like you're abusing her.  Or if you do have sex she could feel buyer's remorse and press charges.  Even in Asia this is taken seriously.

Did that sober you up?

What You Must Do!

In any case I recommend evaluating each situation and getting a better idea of your Asian date before rushing into things.  Also make sure you set up your 'sexual' desires the right way so that she'll feel comfortable with it.

In fact make sure you don't come across as a 'horny dog' with the mindset and tips you can get from me.  Remember - Asian women are humans too with human needs.  Present yourself as the guy who can fulfill them and make everyone genuinely happy.

So go ahead and put your name and email below to learn how to do that.

Talk soon! ;-)

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