The Sexiest Asian Women Hang Out Here!

Want to find the sexiest Asian women in all of Asia?  Maybe you're planning a trip or want to know where to best meet Asian locals.

After living in Asia for 6 years my expat friends and I have found where your best chances are in Asia.

In any case get ready for these top 3 places!

Sexiest Asian Women in Korea

Do you live in Seoul? Then you're in luck!  You can find the hottest Korean women in Gangnam.

I'm sure you've heard the song 'Oppan Gangnam Style'.  Well yes it's about a trendy place in Seoul.  Go there during the day or night you will find plenty of gorgeous Korean ladies walking the streets.

sexiest asian women
sexiest asian women

How to get there: Get off at Gangnam station and find the strip that goes North-West towards Shinnonhyeon station.  That strip is Korean heaven! :)

I would know…I lived there.

What if you're going to Hong Kong?

Sexiest Asian Women in Hong Kong

Hong Kong only has one place (in my opinion) that has beautiful Asian ladies - and that's Lang Kwai Fung.  I'm sure you've heard that it's the 'foreign tourist' area.  That is true but there's more to it than that.

Lang Kwai Fung is broken down into three parts:

 • the outside scene
 • the bar scene
 • the club scene

The outside scene is more of the Western scene.  The bars are on the top part of that area and is also a Western scene.

The club scene is more where the locals and mainland Chinese women go…and they are gorgeous!

sexiest asian women
sexiest asian women

I've only found it to be good on Friday and Saturday nights.

How to get there:  Go to Central MTR and walk out of exit D1 or D2.  Cross the street and you're there.

Where else will you find gorgeous Asian girls?

Sexiest Asian Ladies in Mainland China

For Mainland China your top place in all of the People's Republic is Beijing's Sanlitun.

It's an upscale area of the city.  Many ambassadors and diplomats live there.  You will also see many of China's upperclass women hang out in one of the many coffee shops of Sanlitun.  On Sunday afternoons I hear it's the best place to be for meeting Chinese ladies (they're friendly too!)

sexiest asian women
sexiest asian women

How to get there:  You can either get out of MRT stations: DongShitiao or Tuanjiehu exits and go to the Workers Stadium North Road.  You will find the Sanlitun Village which is a great shopping mall.

Find More Sexy Asian Ladies Here!

Get the last places of where to find hot sexy Asian women here.  Discover where to go if you ever venture to Taiwan or Japan. 

The best part of all these places is that you are free to check them out.  They are also good if you want to date women from Asia and take them to these spots.  They are the trendiest locations in these cities of the Fat East - after all.

Have fun! ;-)

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