Meet Sexy Chinese Women Here

Moved to China and want to meet sexy Chinese women?

With a big population such as China's you're bound to find a lot of beautiful Chinese ladies.

Or are you?

Where do you go if you want to meet a beautiful Mainland woman?  Where do they hang out and do you have a good shot at landing a date with one?

Rest easy - use these tips below and you'll be all set. The first place worth going to and meeting women in China are...

Meet a Sexy Mainland Woman At Shopping Centers

sexy chinese women

Many beautiful Mainland ladies love to be out and about during the day.

No other area has more local girls during that time than shopping centers.

In Shanghai you can go to People's Square or Plaza 66. 

In Beijing your best bet would be Sanlitun Village Shopping Center.

Your best times to potentially meet a sexy Mainland woman are between 12pm to 9pm. 

Even though they'll be window shopping with the right approach you can start a conversation that might lead to more. 

Let's say you work during the day - where can you go otherwise?

 Find Sexy Mainland Ladies In The Night Clubs

Anywhere in Asia you can find beautiful Asian ladies in night clubs.  What's worth knowing about Chinese clubs is that there are two types:

Expat nightclubs look more like a Western club (bar area and a dance floor near the DJ).  Many pretty Chinese girls go here to hang out with expats or potentially meet foreign men. 

Local nightclubs are more like a bunch of sitting areas for groups.  There are many sofas that surround the tables where you can play Chinese games. 

Most of the hot Chinese women who go to these clubs aren't necessarily looking to meet expats.

Note:  There are many Korean and Japanese clubs as well - but they are more exclusive and your chances of finding a sexy Chinese woman there are slim.

Meet Chinese Ladies At House Parties

One of the best things you can do in China is befriend a lot of expats.  That way if they have house parties they'll invite you.  This is great if you're looking to date Chinese women because you'll be in a "warm market". 

You can also find a lot of social events in the expat magazines or online sites.

After all - Asia is more known for making prospective couples happen through social introductions. ;-)

Can You Talk To Sexy Chinese Women?

Give yourself the best chances of dating a Chinese woman (among the prettiest Asian women) with practical tips and techniques.  Put your first name and email below and guarantee yourself the skills to have a great dating life in China.

Have fun! ;-)

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