"Could Sexy Japanese Women Be Shy?"

We all see sexy Japanese women dress extravagantly.  Not only that but when you talk to a sexy woman from Japan you'll notice how she's social and relaxed (not to mention gorgeous!)

So what's going on?  How can these beautiful ladies from Japan in fact be shy?

Get ready to discover the truth behind all the make-up and smiles.

What Do We Mean By 'Shy'?

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In the West we view being 'shy' as being introverted and maybe not having many friends or social opportunities.

A friend of mine (Sarah) was so shy that at a party she would lock herself up in the bathroom and encourage herself to just say hello to people!

Perhaps a shy person is like my friend 'Sarah' - socially awkward and not able to hold a conversation.

Is this the same thing for hot Japanese women?

If it is then what a pity that would be!

Rest easy..it's not.

They do want social conversation but there is one thing they DON'T want…

What Most Sexy Japanese Women Don't Want

They don't want to draw attention to themselves.  That's it. 

When a sexy woman from Japan tells you that she's 'shy' what she means is that she doesn't want people to focus on her...or on you two talking. 

The irony is that her and her friends (yes she could have a country-load of friends) will go out with extravagant clothing! 

What else does she mean when she says she's shy? 

What else is her mind narrowing in on?

Hot Japanese Women Pay Attention To...

When a Japanese Woman talks to you she is aware of one thing - you.

She might feel like she's disturbing you in some way, shape of form. 

Many times she won't talk to you not because she's not in her element but because she doesn't want to disturb you.

One time at the gym I saw some Japanese ladies.  I started a conversation and while one Japanese woman was keen on chatting, the other one was not. 

When I found out what was going on it turned out that the woman I was talking to spent years in the West (she knew that Westerners are okay with talking to strangers.)  The other Japanese woman didn't want to 'disturb' our conversation so she waited a few feet (or meters) away.  She would be viewed as 'shy'.

Granted women in the West might wait to not interrupt your conversation too.  But we would call that person socially sensitive instead. 

Get the difference?

Sexy Japanese Women And You

Next time you talk with a sexy Japanese woman remember to be discreet and considerate.  Make sure your interaction won't draw much attention and give her your full attention. 

I don't recommend acting extravagantly (loud laughing or talking) or aloof (texting someone while talking to her to display non-neediness.)

This will make her feel comfortable enough to keep talking with you.  It might just lead to a date with her (remember to ask for one though.)

For more on what dating a Japanese woman is like - click on the link.

Have fun! ;-)

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