Make Sexy Korean Girls
Laugh With This #1 Tool!

Nothing is a fun as watching sexy Korean girls laugh (as long as it's not at your expense.) ;-) 

After doing it for 5 years it never gets old!

The best part is that once you know what you're doing it's easy.  

What's even better is that with every joke you tell them they get more and more attracted to you.  This opens doors to dating women from Korea…arguably among the prettiest in Asia!

So what's your number #1 tool for making hot women from Korea laugh?

Make Sexy Korean Girls Laugh With This #1 Tool!

sexy Korean girls

Many women from Korea love childish humor. 

Or rather they love what we would consider to be childish humor.

Remember Tom and Jerry?

If you're from the US - What about The Three Stooges

Well women from Korea love that kind of humor.

"Even the slapping?"

Actually whether they like it or not is quite debatable as I see couples in Korea do it to each other a lot.)

So how can you use this kind of humor when you meet a sexy woman from Korea? 

There are 3 ways that will work:

 • verbally

 • physically

 • visually

Which one(s) would work better for you?

"Got a Joke?"

You can use basic jokes and slapstick humor in your conversation.  Ideally you can role-play - Pretend that you're from Korea and that she's a foreigner!  So for example you can ask her

"Can you speak Korean?"  Right away you'll notice the shock on her face.  You can then pretend that you thought she was a foreigner (from Africa!)  That always gets a laugh!

Note: There's 1 chance out of 10 that she'll actually take it as an insult (strange I know.)  If that happens then good riddance! (in my opinion) 

Ahhh…Korea.  Just keep your English basic and you'll be okay.

So what else can you do?

Don't Speak The Language?  Use Your Body language

Many sexy Korean girls will give you a chance but if you don't speak the language you'll be dead in the water.

…or will you be?

Bypass the language aspect by using your body language for jokes or being cute.  For example when you meet her you can put your hands at chest level and wave with both hands. 

Or you can dare her to a game of 'rock paper scissors' (People in Korea love this game!  Surprisingly it's not so popular in other countries in Asia.)

What if you don't speak the language and you're not sure how to use your body?  Is there anything you can do that will get her laughing right from the beginning ?

In a good way of course. ;-)

You bet!  Become an Sexy Korean woman attracting billboard!

"Make Sexy Korean Girls Laugh Without Saying a Word!"

sexy korean girls

Want to make beautiful Korean women laugh?

I've got two words - Babo shirts.

Check out

They've got funny T-shirts that do more than keep you warm:  they make Korean ladies laugh!

They have funny Hangul (Korea's writing) words like 'foreigner' or 'millionaire in Won'. 

The owner 'Kenneth' did a good job putting these together.  Now you can date Korean women thanks to a T-shirt! ;-)

Prefer To Listen?

Part 1

Part 2

Meet Pretty Korean Girls Today!

Got some ideas in mind that will make Korean ladies laugh?  Then let's get to it.  Once you know you can give women a good time then you're the one with value.  You'll be surprised at how open and willing a hot Korean woman will be to date you if you can stand out in a good way.

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Keep in touch! ;-)

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