Attract Sexy Korean Women
in These 5 Different Ways!

Do sexy Korean women surround you? 

Imagine what it would be like to walk arm-in-arm with a sexy Korean woman.   Be sure to take a picture to show your guy friends back home! ;-)

But how do you even get started?  How can you attract a hot local woman to share a moment with you?

Let me show you!

Sexy Korean Women Love Humor!

We all love a good laugh…and a Korean woman is no exception.  That being said - what kind of humor works well with her? 

After 5 years in Korea I found that simple silly humor works best.  Remember when you were a kid?  Remember what made you laugh?

Well that works well with sexy Korean girls.  Click on the link to get a few funny lines you can use today!

What else can you do to attract Korean women?

Speak The Language To Attract Sexy Korean Women!

Speaking any woman's language will help the communication. In Korea it's even more so - it makes the locals curious and thus attracts them.


Because many expats won't bother with the language.  Also Koreans wrongfully think that their language isn't worth learning (compared to say 'Mandarin' or 'English'.)

So if you speak to her in her language (even broken Korean would do) she'll want to know more about you…

Actually what worked best for me is to speak in English (my native tongue) and to then surprisingly shift into her language.   That left her shocked!  In a pleasant way of course. ;-)

But let's say learning a new language isn't your forte - is there anything else you can do?

You bet!

Sexy Korean Women Love a Guy Who Can Dress!

sexy korean women

The easiest and quickest fix you can do is to dress well. 

When I say 'dress well' I mean that you can dress in a way that:

displays your identity or story. 

Let her discover you without a word and if she likes that first impression - she'll want to know more! 

Wear something from your background or country.

is socially calibrated. What I'm wearing here works well at a nightclub or car show.  If I were going to a bookstore I am too uncalibrated and she'll be too scared to talk to me. 

What else can you do with your clothing?  You can hit the quickest (if you have it) and yet controversial way to attract Korean girls.

Sexy Korean Women Are Attracted To Status

Let's face it - Sexy women have options.  If she can pick someone with more status and wealth then chances are she will.


It's because of Korea's superficial culture.  Is it wrong?  It depends on how you wish to view it.  I can just say that that's just how it is.  Now many Korean ladies won't value status so much but many will. 

So if you have status and wealth - show it off and they'll flock towards you.

I know that in my case I lived in Gangnam for a while and hanging out in that area + telling people I lived there put me in a much more powerful light.

Let's say you're not in a position to display wealth or don't care to (a decision I respect and can relate to) - what can you show instead?

Sexy Korean Women Are…Sexy…

sexy korean women

Show your sexuality and chances are she'll be attracted to it. 

"How do I do that?"

You can start with how you look at women. 

The next time you look at a sexy Korean woman give a relaxed look in her eyes and think about what it would be like to undress her - there and then.

Note that giving a sexual look is different than a horny stare!

  If that's your case then turn down the heat and watch her give a sexual look right back at you…that's when magic happens. ;-)

Note: For training on how to meet and date Korean women check out what 'Pickupasia' can do for you.

My mentor 'RedpoleQ' has taught guys like you for 5 years in Korea how to attract and date local ladies.

Meet Sexy Women in Korea Now!

Now you know what you can do to attract local girls.  What are you waiting for?  Start applying this information today and watch how they will start chatting you up. ;-)

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