What Makes Sexy Thai Women
'Sexy' in Thailand?

Want to meet some sexy Thai women in Thailand?

You're in luck because most Thai men won't give you much competition.  

What do you mean?

What is considered 'sexy' in Thailand is different from what you'd consider sexy back home.  In fact after living in Thailand for a while it shocked me what Thais found to be attractive.  In some ways it's the complete opposite of what you'd personally enjoy.

What makes a Thai woman attractive doesn't have much to do with her body type or facial features.  It has more to do with this...

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Her Skin Color Makes Her Attractive

In Thailand all the sexy Thai women must have a certain skin color.  Contrary to the West where we value tanned skin - the Thais love white skin.

In fact the whiter you are the more Thais will find you sexy.  When you come to Thailand you'll be shocked at seeing darker people with white powder all over their bodies.

You'll also see white-enough women who have taken it to the extreme with either skin products or...surgery! You can see their veins…yikes!

What's worse is that the darker you are the less attractive you're considered.  So you can see sexy Thai women with amazing bodies and beautiful faces. But if they're darker then they're not considered attractive. 

This is why we 'farang' (foreigners) are amazed as to why Thai guys don't try to date them.

So it is all about skin color?  Well - not exactly…

Her Socio-Economic Background Makes Her Attractive

After living in Bangkok for a bit I was shocked (again) to see how many people hang out in the malls.  Sure I'm used to Asian culture's importance on status but not to this extreme.  Most Thais who go to shopping malls only go there to be seen there!  Why is that?

Your apparent level of wealth makes you more attractive to the opposite sex.  If you look like you can afford to spend all day shopping then you're seen as 'well off'. 

That's also why Thais prefer 'whiter' skinned women.  If you can afford to be white then it means you're not working in the sun. 

Also being white means you're probably a Thai-Chinese who have the reputation of being upper class.  If you're not then you're probably a Thai-Lao or Khmer.  They have the reputation for being lower class.

As opposed to the West where we can compensate for our lack of wealth with our personality and character to attract women - it's not the case with Thais.

So how does this affect you if you're looking to date sexy Thai girls? 

I'd say in a good way.  Here's why...

Why Thai Ladies Love You

First of all - foreigners (Western men) do have a good reputation in Thailand (aside for the 'sexpats').  They are perceived to make good boyfriends because they are more faithful (whether that's true or not I'm not sure.) 

Foreign expats also are known for having money.  So we are considered to be socio-economically upper class (aside from EFL teachers who are slowly getting a bad rap next to 'sexpats').

We also prefer darker hot Thai women (which the Thai locals aren't fond of) so dating those sexy Thai women can be much for them and us.

If you're a white Western foreigner you get even more on your side.  You have the skin color that's considered sexy in Thailand. 

If you're a Western/Asian mix (Korea, Japanese, Chinese) then you have all the cards in your favor.  In fact if you're an Asian expat you can more easily integrate into their culture and social circles.  This makes life a lot easier for you.

For more on how little Thai girls view foreigners - click on the link.

Can You Date Sexy Thai Women?

Planning a trip to Thailand?  You can definitely meet a Thai woman who'd want to date you.  That being said I recommend thinking twice about falling in love.  Click on this link to discover the truth about 'Thai Love'.

Good luck! ;-)

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