Meet Shanghai Girls Into North American Guys With Chi Pow Chat

Want to meet Shanghai girls who are looking for a guy like you? 

Chi Pow Chat has made that easy and possible. 

Check out below what the co-founder has to say about making your dating life a lot easier and enjoyable with women from Shanghai.

Could this be the answer to getting your love life handled?

Or even better - could it be what you've been looking for to bring a Chinese woman into your life and show her how good a man you are?

Only time will tell - but first...

...A Word From The Co-Founder

Chi Pow Chat is a totally new, and unique chat & dating App.  A way to bring North American men together with beautiful, single girls from Shanghai.  As one of the co-founders of Chi Pow Chat it is exciting to be in a position to bring something different to life.

Different?  Easy to say, but hard to deliver!  Luckily we have just the right combination to make it happen!



The team behind Chi Pow Chat has decades of experience in creating great dating experiences.

That means we know a secret.  A way to give you the most personal and exciting way to interact with someone.  The power of voice chat!  

Chi Pow Chat was built from the ground up with voice in mind.  

You can hear the voices of all the girls available.  You can record and send your own voice messages.  And most importantly, you’re guaranteed to receive voice messages from her!  The power of hearing her voice will win you over.

Our team has talented creative and development staff who have worked day and night to bring you the smoothest, most intuitive design imaginable.  A beautiful layout and quality development will make it easy to see photos, keep track of your message history, and most importantly, chat!

Lastly, we have partners in North America and in China.  That means we can design an App that will appeal to North American men, while also having trusted people on the ground in China to personally meet the women of Chi Pow Chat.  

We meet each girl and interview them to find out if they’ll be a fit for Chi Pow Chat.

We are looking of course for an outer beauty, but also an inner beauty.  We want fun, bubbly girls who like to have a good time.  If they are selected, we have our own photographer create a professional photo shoot to show you them at their best!

We also only want girls who are very interested in chatting and meeting North American men.  We ask that they reply to everyone who sends them a message so that everyone gets a chance to make a connection.  Get to know all of the girls to see which ones you get along with the best!

We also shoot video of each girl that you can see in the App.  Hearing her voice and seeing her smile is a great way to start, but talking to her yourself is the real way to be happy.



At Chi Pow Chat we’ll also limit the amount of women available to only the best.  At launch, there’ll be more than 20 beautiful girls to chat with, however we won’t stop meeting new girls!  We’ll keep on adding new girls to chat & meet.

The average age of the girls is in their mid-twenties, but they range from early 20’s to early 30’s.  They are all single, live in Shanghai and are looking forward to talking to men from North America.

When we spoke to them it was a delight to see they are just like girls you know here.  They like to go out for drinks with their friends, watch movies or read, and enjoy life.  

Speaking to Elsie, she seemed to say it very nicely.  She said, “I’m 20 years old, I like playing games with friends, and I like singing, I like dancing, I like partying with friends, I always like to grab a drink with friends once a week at night, and I’m looking forward to meeting more guys on Chi Pow Chat.”

"When Can We Get It?"

The App has launched on Android on October 7th and will Launch on iPhone in November.

The Chi Pow Chat App makes it easy.  You can see all of the girls available in the main listing to find the ones you like the most.  Tap on her picture to read her profile, see her video or photo set, and hear her voice greeting.  Then just tap the Chat button to record a voice message and send it off to her.  Simple and fun.

Since you communicate with recorded voice messages, timezones between North America and Shanghai disappear!  You can communicate on the go when its most convenient for you.  Voice Chat instantly connects East and West

We hope you enjoy Chi Pow Chat, and make a real lasting connection with someone new!



Co-founder, Beautiful Life Creator

Chi Pow Chat

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