Date Shanghai Girls With Confidence!

Live in the city and want to date Shanghai girls?

When I visited this city back in 2009 I had no idea what to expect - let alone how to meet pretty Chinese women! 

I wish I had someone who could give me a quick rundown on what the local ladies were like.

After all - you walk around and notice them all around you.  Is there any way we can turn a casual encounter into a date? Confidence does come from knowing what to do.  Is there a quick 3-step plan we can fall back on?

There is now! 

3 Practical Tips To Get You Started Dating Shanghai Girls

Grab a map and ask women for directions: This is a classical way to start a conversation with a Chinese woman anywhere.  It's great because it does these 4 things:

 • it gives her a socially acceptable excuse to talk to yo

 • she's probably been asked this before and so is comfortable with it

 • if she rejects you - you avoid embarrassment because you're just asking for directions

 • you learn a bit more about the city ;-)

So once you start a conversation with her - what next?

Talk to her the right way: Most girls in China have never met a stranger randomly (let alone an expat!)  When you start talking to her make sure you

 • lean back to give her some space which will make her feel more comfortable
 • talk in basic English and using simple gestures to communicate as easily as possible

 • ask her what her schedule is like and if she'd like to explore the city with you

Speaking of exploring…where would be good places to take her on a date?

Know where to take her:  Some great places you can go are TianziFang.  It's a touristy place with lots of little shops. 

Another place you can go is at Pudong's Aquarium which is great because Shanghai girls love taking pictures.  You can also take her to Moganshanlu.  It's a street with grafitis which is new for her AND she can take pictures. 

Make sure to listen to my interview below with Dating Coach Kane Vast with PickupAsia.  He has lived and coached guys in the city for 3+ years.  Go to minute 4:25 for the inside story on where to go on dates!

Check out A Shanghai Expat Dating Coach's Advice

Listen to my interview with Kane Vast.  He's lived in the city for 5 years and mentors expats and Chinese men alike with Kane also writes for  Tune in as we discuss:

 • what makes dating Shanghainese girls different than mainland Chinese? (1:00)

 • how to make your date with her a success (3:25)

 • places in Shanghai worth taking her (4:25)

 • potential relationship issues (7:40)

Part Two of Our Interview

 • what you must avoid at all costs (0:10)

 • quick tips for meeting Chinese women (2:00)

How Are Shanghainese Women
Different When You Date Them?

shanghai girls

She'll be more 'cosmopolitan'. 

Most Shanghai girls have traveled around. 

At least they've been exposed to foreign culture and people more than most ladies from China. 

Did you just meet a woman from the city?

Chances are she speaks English and has been to your country. 

She'll also be more open to 'casual dating' or open relationships (if that's what you're looking for.)

She'll have more expectations from dating you

As an expat in this city you're automatically upper class. 

That means that you'll be expected to treat her to nice cafes and restaurants. 

You'll also be expected to pay for taxis even if she's taking the taxi on her own!

A friend of mine in Shanghai  had his girlfriend take a 30 minute taxi to his work (unexpectedly) and expected him to pay it. 

She might act spoiled and arrogant. Chinese girls don't get the chance to "grow up" the same way Western women are expected to.  In addition to that - most guys from China would cater their every need which makes them even more spoiled.  Also in this city they look down on other Chinese women since they're "original" Shanghainese.

Need a Boost With Dating in China?

Give yourself the best chances possible for meeting and dating Shanghai girls.  If you want to learn how to date and have relationships with them based on your personality and "skills" then I recommend checking out

I've learned from them when I first came to Asia (didn't know what I was doing or what was going on.)  I'm sure you'll boost your love life in the Orient too!

In any case - good luck with having the kind of dating life you want while you live in the Orient.  Who knows?  You might find someone so enchanting you'll want to make her your long-term girlfriend or wife!

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