Why Most Shy Guy Dating Tips For
Dating Asian Women Won't Work!

Did you read some shy guy dating tips and wonder if they'll work on dating Asian women in Asia?

Unless you're only meeting Asian women who've grown up overseas - you've got another thing coming.

You see - most Asian ladies come from a radically different culture.  This means that what you know about going on dates and relationships…just might not be the case anymore.

Here's what I mean...

You Come From Different Cultures...

shy guy dating tips for asian women

Most dating tips for shy guys you read assume that you're from the same culture and that you speak the same language.

Well…what if you don't?  

What if you're in Korea and forget to speak 정든말 ('Jongden Mal' which is the polite form and how you're supposed to speak to a first date?

What if you're in Hong Kong and call the girl by her first name (if you can even remember it)? 

In fact it may be considered too informal to call someone by their first name and would prefer you call her by her whole name.

We didn't even get started with the communication barrier.  How do you deal with it with Asian women?  Most shy guy dating tips don't even address these.

But let's say you can speak a common language - why else are these tips troublesome?

Assume Common Values And That
Things Will Happen 'Naturally'

In the West we grow up with certain values.  In Asia the values are completely different.   So you order a beer but she orders a water.  You think she's being impolite for letting you drink by yourself. In reality she might want to show how 'pure' she is and how she doesn't 'drink'.

She thinks you're being impolite because you want to split the bill afterwards (when in reality you want her to not feel obliged towards owing you anything.)

Or you want to walk arm in arm to show how you're a gentleman.  She might think you're being too touchy and refuses while she giggles.  You think she's rejecting you and is laughing at the idea (in fact she's just culturally handling the social awkwardness.)  She thinks you're being socially insensitive because of your cultural faux-pas.  After all - only 'couples' walk arm in arm.

So how are things supposed to happen naturally with all these cultural misunderstandings in the way?

Let's say you speak a common language and view things close enough culturally - what next?

Forget The Little Things About Dating Asian Women

Most shy guy dating tips forget about the little details in intercultural dating (especially when dating an Asian woman.)  For example - let's say your date is Japanese. 

She's extremely polite and goes along with everything.  You invite her back to yours for a drink but she suddenly refuses and says that she has to go home (NOW!)   What happened?

Or let's say your date is Korean.  Everything is going on well but all of a sudden she talks about her curfew (but she's 26!) and has to go home in 5 minutes.

What if your date is Thai and you constantly mispronounce her Thai name (or that of her home.) Guess how that makes her feel about you.

These are the little things that make those dates with Asian women a bit trickier.  It's also why most shy guy dating tips geared towards same-culture women won't work.

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