"Meet Single Korean Girls Here!"

Want to meet single Korean girls?

Believe it or not but many beautiful Korean women are looking for a guy like you.  Know where to find them and you've got potential Korean dates. ;-)

So where to begin? 

After living in Korea for 5 years I found that the best 3 places for meeting single Korean women in Korea are...

Enjoy Socializing?  Go To Social Events

single korean girls

Koreans have parties and social events all the time. 

They are called 'soggeating'.

They invite all their friends (especially single ones) and all have a get-together.

This helps their single friends hopefully hook up and date.

Do you have any friends from Korea? 

Ask them about this and see if they'd be willing to hook you up with a single Korean woman they might know.

If not you can ask your expat friends if they're going to have a house party or a social dinner.  

I've been invited to dinners where the hosts would tell me that girls from Korea they've invited are also looking for a relationship.

So if you ever get invited to one of these events expect to meet a lot of single ladies from Korea. 

What if you're not the 'social' type?  Rest easy - that's been taken care of. ;-)

Seek Out Single Korean Women Online

Many single women from Korea go online to find guys just like you.  In fact they are more comfortable with looking for a guy on the internet.

Note: Find out the top 3 Korean dating sites here.

You can also use social apps on your smart phone to meet Korean women who are single. 

The most popular apps are KakaoTalk and Skout.  Be sure to get them on your smart phone so that you can meet single Koreans any time.

What if you'd rather meet women from Korea outside of your social circle or not with your computer?

Then go grab a cup of your favorite hot beverage. ;-)

"Where's The Nearest Coffee Shop?"

Check out coffee shops near you.  They are filled with single Korean girls.  They are either reading a book or just texting on their phone as they sit alone.

Note: Not all women sitting alone in a coffee shop are single.  Many others don't want to be bothered.  You'll have to chat up a few to find some single ones.  Then it's a question of letting your charm do the work. ;-)

Not sure how to chat up Korean women? Check out 'RedpoleQ' with Pickupasia and what he can teach you (as he did me.)  Find yourself able to confidently approach and attract beautiful Korean ladies with his proven advice (he's been helping expats in Korea for half a decade.)

Meet Single Korean Girls Near You

Life is always more enjoyable with a beautiful woman from Asia by your side.  Make that happen for yourself while you're in Korea and you'll love the place more.

If you're really ambitious you can meet single Korean ladies in all 3 ways. 

Want the skills to meet Korean women at your own pace? Then check out  'PickupAsia's solid training.

Have fun! ;-)

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