Meet Taipei Women
At These Popular Places

Want to meet Taipei women?  Taiwanese women are beautiful a comfortable with Western culture.

In fact they're the friendliest and most laid-back women I've ever met in Asia.  

Planning to come here?  You're going to love it!

Let's say you moved to Taipei and want to start dating a Taiwanese lady - where would you go?

Rest easy - soon you'll discover the best places for meeting and dating Taiwanese women.

Meet Taiwanese Women at XimenDing

Ximending is one of the happening areas in Taipei. 

Many Taiwanese girls go there for shopping and hanging out.   

If you're bored on a weekend why not check it out? 

You might just find a Taiwanese woman you'd like to start a conversation with!

While you're there you can go to the Ximen Starbucks.  It's a multilevel Starbucks with an actual art gallery inside!  It's full of chick people which makes this coffee shop worth checking out on a rainy day. ;-)

Let's say you're not into the shopping and coffee shop thing, where else could you go?

Check Out Zhongxiao Dunhua

Another great spot for meeting a Taiwanese woman is at the Zhongxiao Dunhua.  Besides the club Luxy you can meet a lot of potential dates just by going for a walk!

There's a Starbucks right out of exit 1 that you can sit at and watch the pretty girls go by.  In fact I enjoy reading there and when I see a potential girl I'd like to get to know more I go and start a conversation with her.

You can find many things and places to go to as well.  The ESLite bookstore that's great: not only are there many single women walking around there but the bookstore is open 24 hours a day!

One thing you can do is study Chinese there (from the books) and ask girls who walk by what 'such-and-such' means.   You'll be surprised how friendly the people are here in helping you learn their language.  In fact you can ask if the Chinese is "mainland Chinese" or "Taiwan Chinese".

There's also a shopping district you can go to for meeting Taiwanese ladies.

What if you're more of a night person?  Then you're in luck!  Taipei is more of a night city anyway (especially on Wednesdays and Weekends!)  

In fact Zhongxiao Dunhua MRT is a great place during the night as well.  There's the infamous club "Luxy" and many bars around as well.  In fact in the summertime you can go to a nearby 7/11 (they're everywhere), grab your favorite drink, and chit-chat with people outside of there.

Go To The MRT

Plenty of People

3 Nightclubs Worth Checking Out

Club Six in Shi Men Ding.  It's a surprisingly spacious club with a bar counters and a VIP area. 

Roxy 99 on Jin Shan South Road .  It's one of the only alternative/rock clubs in Taipei.  Many Taiwanese students go there to hang out. 

Myst on SongShou Road, Taipei.  It's one of the more happening clubs in Taipei.  Surprisingly after 3:00am the entry fee is free.

How Else Can You Meet Taipei
Women Without Going Out?

If you want to meet Taiwan women sooner then you can start with meeting them online and during your day-to-day activities.

Your best bet for meeting them online is to check out Asiancupid.  It's one of the more popular sites for dating Taiwanese ladies.  Another one is OKcupid (yes - many Taiwanese women are on it!) 

Get the skillset and mindset for dating Asian women - Give yourself the best chance at dating that Taiwanese woman. 

Put your name and email in the box below and instantly start our 9-step to Meeting and Dating Asian Women Self-Study Course.  You can do it at your own pace and it's on me.

Have fun in this part of's a true gem for more than just the friendly pretty girls who walk around.

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