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Do many Taiwanese women surround you and you want some Taiwanese dating tips?

After living in Asia, going to Taiwan and meeting expats who have happy dating lives with Taiwanese ladies - this is what I've discovered so far.

Although little is known about girls from Taiwan - what would it take to bring one in your dating life?

Taiwanese Dating FAQ

Are Taiwanese women friendly towards expats?
In general Taiwanese people are friendly towards foreigners.  In fact I was surprised at how curious random people were about my country and language.  This was a pleasant surprise after having lived in Korea for so long.

So when you start a conversation with a Taiwanese woman chances are she'll be open to talking to you.

Are girls from Taiwan open to dating foreigners?
Taiwan has been exposed to the West for longer than most other Asian countries.  That being said - they are still an Asian country with Asian culture influencing them.  Most parents would prefer an Taiwanese guy but they are open to interracial dating. 

In fact many women welcome interracial dating.  Taiwan is probably the only place (besides Thailand perhaps) that positively views interracial dating.

For Asia this is a big deal!

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Also the girl you meet has grown up with Western pop and has studied Western languages. 

So my answer is - yes they are open to it (or at least more open to it than Korea and maybe even mainland China.)

Do you have to speak Chinese to date a Taiwanese girl?
It depends.  Do you live in Taipei or near a Taiwanese community back home?  Then chances are you won't have to speak Chinese to have a relationship with a Taiwanese woman. 

Then again if you live Formosa's countryside or in smaller cities - you might have some trouble.  I tried interacting with two girls from Taiwan in Taichung once.  It went nowhere because they didn't speak English and I don't speak Chinese. 

I want to move to Taiwan - where should I live for a fulfilling dating life?
It depends.  Taipei is popular for having more Western amenities and women who speak good English.  On the flip side it's more expensive than the rest of Taiwan.  Also the weather can be a bore (it rains a lot.)

So for example Taipei for dating and living can cost you around 40,000 TWD on average.

What are some simple things you can do to boost your chances with dating a Taiwanese woman?
For one thing - you can interact with more Taiwanese women.  You can either start conversations with them online or offline.  They are friendly and for the most part open to talking to you. It's surprising for an Asian country believe me!

You can also learn some about Chinese/Taiwanese culture and language.  In fact you can use that as a reason to start conversations with girls from Taiwan.

Do you have any quick tips for dating in Taiwan?

Want to start a conversation?  Either

 • ask for directions (pull out your google maps and ask which way is a certain station)

 • notice something about her outfit and comment on it (many Taiwanese girls like to unique styles like funky hair or unique clothing fashion)

 • ask what a certain word in Chinese means (you can start by asking what the difference is between Chinese and Taiwanese...different languages in Taiwan)

Want to know how to take it from there?  Ease into Taiwanese dating with my 9-step Meeting to Dating Asian Women Self Study Course.  Simply put your first name and email in the box below (it's all kept private) and you'll have access to it instantly.

Enjoy! ;-)

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