What Thai Girlfriends Never Reveal
To Their Foreign Boyfriends

Wonder if expat guys like their Thai girlfriends?  Only what their girlfriend will show them.  

They definitely enjoy it when she shows them her

 • exotic sexiness
 • patience
 • ability to be feminine

But when you dig deeper you'll find out that there are 3 major things that she'll never share with you.

Those are

 • her past
 • where you really fit in

 • her real plans

You might not agree with me.  I'll admit I've only dated a few Thai women but after

 • going to and living in 3 different parts of Thailand for more than a year

 • studying the Thai language and culture for 3 months
 • observing 20+ intercultural relationships

 • talking with 10+ expats who've lived in Thailand far longer than I

This is what I've found.

Your Girlfriend Will Never Share Her Relationship Past

A beautiful tanned Thai woman comes into your life.  Where did she come from?  Chances are she came from a village in the poorest province of Thailand called 'Isaan'. 

She's friendly and treats you well…but let me ask you this: do you really think you're the first guy she's been with? 

How do you know she's as 'innocent' as she looks?  Maybe she has a child or two and never told you about them.

Or worse - maybe she's already married to a Thai man (in Isaan culture their women have to be married by 20 years of age. ) 

She'll date you regardless (more on why below.)
Have your heart set on being with her?  Make sure you ask her family and friends about her relationship past first.

They might tell you the truth or they might hide it from you - and here's why.

How Most Thai Girlfriends View Their Foreign Boyfriends

As far as you'll know - you'll always be a 'farang'.  This means more than just 'foreigner'.  It means 'outside of our culture and country'.  This means: You don't count.

You're excluded from 'Thai' society so your Thai girlfriend may justify lying to you and say "oh you're only 'farang'". 

At first Thais smile a lot.  When you dig deeper you realize that it's a front to cover a more exclusive society.  The only way in is to be Thai.

Did you know? If you're Asian but not Thai you're not called 'Farang'.  Instead you're closer to the "group" than Westerners.

Accept this racial club-like reality that you'll find more in countries like Thailand and Korea.

So Thai girlfriends keep their past hidden and separate you due to your race - what could be worse?

Discovering what their real plans are.

Attention! Thai Girlfriends Have a Different View For 'Love'

Figured out that Thai love is different yet?  Practically speaking she might get in a relationship with you for reasons you'll never know.

It's not that she's after your money for the sake of it.  Instead it's that chances are

 • she's already married anyway and has a husband and kids to take care of

 • her parents want her to take care of them financially

 • she never really thought (or cared) about going abroad the we do

So she'll be fun and will treat you right.  Only that her reasons for it might not be ones you'd like to hear.

Are Thai Girlfriends Worth It?

Note that not all Thai women fit what I say above.  People are people but we all have common traits and values.

Most foreigners like the tanned women in Thailand who come from a village in Isaan province.  If your girlfriend fits the description above then chances are she's hiding something from you. 

But since you're a foreigner it doesn't matter to her anyway.  I don't make the rules and neither does she.  This is just how it is and little Thai girls grow up with a funny view of you.

Ah well - gotta love Thailand! ;-)

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