3 Thai Go Go Girls Dating Insights

Came to Thailand and found Thai go go girls gorgeous?  

I've toured some of Thai's notorious areas including Pattaya and Soi Cowboy and I have to agree!

From a looks perspective - dating one makes sense. If we dig a little deeper and look at what her life is like would we still feel the same way?

After meeting a few girls (and dating one) this is what I've noticed.

Thai Go Go Girls Insights #1 - Money Number One!

Thai go go dancers work in the bars for one thing only - money. 

There's a popular book about Pattaya called 'Money Number One' and goes deep into this.

Basically the more of a financial (and stable) asset you present yourself as the higher your chances of dating her.

Now this is not completely true.  If you're nice enough (and aren't too much of a hassle) then she'll also choose you.  And believe me - the prettier she is the more guys will throw money at her to date her.

 Thai Go Go Girls Insights #2 - Family Number Two

You might have heard about the sex trade in Thailand and about how bad it is.  I agree that there might be some of it in the Land of Smiles and that it's bad. 

I don't think that most gogo dancers you see in Pattaya or on Soi Cowboy (or Nana plaza) are part of it.

Most of these girls come from destitute villages.  They'd have to work as a farmer or a factory if it weren't for the chance to 'dance' professionally.  Not only that but most girls can make 10 times more money dancing than working back home.

That being said - if you date a go go girl you're coming second always.  Her main goal in life is to take care of her parents.  After all she can get many boyfriends - but she'll only have one mother and father.

So if you date one and come into a situation where she has to pick between her parents and you - you'll always lose…no matter how long you've dated.

Other than that - what would dating one be like?

Thai Go Go Girls Insights #3 - Sex Number Three

In my experience for a lot of go go dancers 'sex' is something complicated (ironically.)  Many of them love it but a lot also see it as boring, dull work. 

When you're dating a go go girl chances are she might not want to have sex with you.  In fact unless you get lucky or play your cards right she'll be a princess and will have sex with you on her terms.

These women are very street smart and have grown up used to fulfilling their number #1 purpose - survival.

Should You Date One?

I don't mean to put you off.  Unless you have 20 to 30,000 baht to spare and can cut back from getting emotionally attached. 

I'd have to agree with the other expats when I say that - have fun, spend money and go on dates but…don't commit and don't fall in love.

Is that the case for all sexy Thai women?  Not at all.  Click on the link for dating options I do recommend. ;-)

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