Is Thai Love Really Different?

Coming to Thailand to experience some 'Thai love'?  It's easy to fall in love when dating a beautiful woman here in Thailand.  After all you can only stare at her beautifully tanned skin and long black hair.

Let's say you meet a beautiful Thai girl and sparks start flying flying.  She laughs at your jokes.  You date a few times and eventually she says the 'L' word (I love you). 

Because of how good a time you've been having and of the reputation you've heard that Thailand is 'Land of Smiles' - you've fallen in love too.

You also figure that when she said "I love you" it would mean the same thing as if a woman said it back home.  At the very least you figure that it would have the same meaning as if you'd said it to her.

Well...does it?  Not exactly - here's why...

Why Your Version of Love May Not Work

thai love

In the West we grew up with Disney movies and love stories in school ('Romeo and Juliet).

We assume that if two people love each other then they're attracted to their personalities and who you are. 

Your money, looks and status shouldn't matter, right?

Not so with Asian women and less so with Thai women.

Note: I don't believe that our version is better or worse.  I'm just pointing out the differences for you to be aware.  It's up to you to decide for yourself.

 'Thai Love' Is More Pragmatic

When you tell a Thai woman that you 'love' her that only means one thing for her: that you'll take care of her and her family.  When she says it to you it means that she'll take care of you too (in other ways). ;-)

You see - the Thai ladies you've probably met are the darker skinned Thai women.  In general they come from poorer backgrounds and a low spot on Thailand's socio-economic scale. 

She's looking for financial security and a shot at a better life.  This might mean either a higher spot on the Thailand social status pole - or a chance to live overseas. 

Darker Thai women hear stories about how they are considered sexy in the West - who doesn't want to live somewhere that will appreciate us more?

Can You Experience Your Version of 'Thai Love'?

You can as long as the other factors are taken care of.  You'd be hard-pressed to find a Thai woman who'd love you for just your personality or character.

If you're broke or have darker skin than them then it's tough game (even if you're the funnest and most good-hearted man on the planet.)

Values we idealize in the West just aren't taken the same way with Thais.  In my experience most Asians (not all) are faster to assume your internal values based on your external display of wealth and status.  The richer you look the better you are as a person.

With dating hot Thai women it's even more so.  So show off and expect to match what she looks for economically and physically first.  Only then do you have a chance to experience the closest thing to what you'd consider to be 'true love'.

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