Make Thai Women Dating
Easier Without Speaking Thai Or Knowing Thai Culture

Want some Thai women dating tips for a gratifying dating life?

I remember the first time I had a date with a woman from Thailand (met through friends)...and how nervous I was! 

Personally I was really self-conscious about what she was going to think of me and me not knowing much about Thailand's culture.

When you date someone from a different culture there are realities you'll have to work around.  

After living in Thailand for half a year and talking with some of the expats who are in happy relationships with a Thai woman - this is what I've found.

Prefer To Listen?

Get more tips and advice on dating a woman from Thailand in this short interview. 

I'm with my long-time expat friend 'Joaquin'.  He's lived in Thailand for almost 15 years and was willing to share with you his take on dating women from Thailand.

Handle The Language Barrier

Depending on where you met your Thai date chances are she won't speak much English.  In fact - chances are she won't understand your usual banter or jokes.

You'll have to either make your anecdotes simpler or come up with new things to talk about. 

Personally since I've lived in foreign countries for so long I've come up with my own way of talking 'simple English'.  This make sure we can have a conversation going no matter how big the language barrier is.

Note: Avoid cultural references from back home and do your best to speak some Thai.  This alone will make her feel much more comfortable.

Take Her Somewhere She'd Enjoy

thai women dating

This goes without saying. 

Make Thai women dating easier by taking your date to a place you'd think she'd like.

Is she more of a night person?  Why not take your date to a bar or a club?  Is she more of a day person?  How about going to a coffee shop or for a walk in the park?

In any case if you can take her somewhere she can feel more comfortable then the more smoothly the date will go.

Note: Your Thai date might be very accommodating.  Is there a place you'd like to go (like a sports bar?)  Feel free to take her to one and chances are she'll go along.  What's better is that she'll get to know you more!

What Else Can You Do To Enjoy Dating a Thai Woman?

Make sure you avoid the cultural faux pas when dating Thai women here.  Remember - the more comfortable she feels the more likely your date will go well.

Enjoy! ;-)

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