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Online dating in Thailand still has some taboo surrounding it in much the same way it did in the US when Match.com was first starting out.

It took years for broad acceptance of online dating to come to America. In Thailand it's becoming mainstream much faster.  Here are five reasons why you should get in on the game and meet a Thai woman online.

 #1 Thais are very internet savvy. Bangkok has one of the world's largest Facebook user populations, and the city's malls are some of the top Instagramed places in the world every year. It only follows that ever more Thais of all ages are turning to the internet to find love.

 #2 Thai culture has traditionally been an informal matchmaking culture. Unlike a country like India, Thailand never had a tradition of arranged marriages. In the past, young men and women were often free to fall in love and marry their partner of choice. Where there was matchmaking, it was typically an aunt, or other village elder acting informally on behalf of two families.

Thai XoXoYou could be her cure to a lonely Friday night

 • Thailand does not have a hookup culture. Young Thais typically meet boyfriends and girlfriends through their social circle. Most young Thai women are not comfortable meeting a man in a bar or nightclub the way women in Western countries can be.

Since you as a Westerner probably don't have your own circle of close Thai friends, online dating gives you the perfect opportunity to meet beautiful Thai women whether you're in Thailand, or anywhere around the world.

 • Online dating is low pressure. Unlike meeting somebody in a bar, or anywhere else in person, online dating appeals to many Thai women because they know at any time they like they can simply stop talking with someone. If someone is making her feel uncomfortable, a woman can simply ignore him.

if two people spend a few weeks chatting...it can feel like they've known each other for years.

 • Online dating is versatile. Contrary to what many people think, there are lots of Thai women just looking for a good time.

Among university students and young middle class women, especially in larger cities, hooking up has become much less taboo in recent years. For women interested in this, online dating is perfect.

Yet it works just as well for more conservative women who want to take things slower.

On a dating site you can find out a lot about a person even before you ever have a conversation. And if two people spend a few weeks chatting, sharing photos and wishing each other goodnight and good morning everyday, it can feel like they've known each other for years.

No wonder so many people say you can fall in love with someone through online dating even if you've never met in person.

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