Can Thailovelinks Help You
Date a Thai Woman?

You've heard about Thailovelinks and are on the fence with trying it?

Personally - I've never really used online dating until my friends in Thailand recommended it to me.  After all - I had just moved to Thailand and was feeling lonely.

They told me it was a great way to start meeting Thai singles who might be into a guy like me.

After all: why keep your options open when it comes to find and date Thai women to find one that matches who you are?

That made sense - so I decided to start an account.

Here's my experience!

Prefer To Listen?

Would you rather listen then grab your headphones and click below.  I interview a long-term expat in Thailand and ask him about his online dating experience with Thai love links.

Experience An Easy Sign-up

Once you go on the main Thailovelinks page a beautiful Thai woman greets you.  You can begin looking for potential matches once you fill in the blanks on the page (your name, password, gender, etc…)

You might feel anxious at first but the dating site also finds where you are and automatically shows you pictures of potential matches (talk about a strong motivator!)

What might confuse you is to know what city you're in.  In my case I was in Bangkok but I had to find a city within that.  If you know which sub-city you're in the good for you!

You're then sent to a page to fill out details about yourself.  I felt a little bit nervous (after all I'm not the tallest nor the fittest option I'm sure.)  I filled it out anyways (it's quite specific) and went straight to the search menu.

"Tell us A Little About Yourself"

Thailovelinks at one point asks you to share some about yourself.  I recommend keeping it honest and casual.  You're looking to comfortably meet Thai women, right? 

In my case I just gave a bit of information about myself and what I'm looking for.  The simpler the better also because a lot of Thais don't speak much English.

Meet Thai Ladies Near You!

I think one of the best things about this dating site is that you can find women who are nearby. 

You also know

 • how often they are online
 • what they are looking for
 • how many pictures they have (those are the ones you want to go for anyway)

The best part is that if Thai girls like your profile and check it out - you'll get notified immediately. 

Talk about convenience!

Check It Out For Free

If you're open to trying out Thai Love Links you can do so without it costing a penny. 

That being said you are limited as to what you can do.  If you want to get the most out of it I recommend upgrading your account.

Yes I am biased (I am affiliated with them) but if online dating is something that suits you currently then give yourself the best chance. 

I have one friend who found an Asian wife online and he's happily married.  He took her back to his home country and they have a son.

Another friend of mine who has just moved to Thailand was able to start going on dates within the first week.  He was pro-active and made sure he wouldn't spend his nights alone.  I mean - why be alone when you can spend them with someone you can connect with (and who wants someone too?)

You can upgrade your account to a Gold or Platinum Membership.  Depending on how long you want to try it you can get different prices.

For 1 month you can expect to pay around US$27/month.  The best deal you can get of course is the 12 month one that costs around US$8/month.

It's also secure and gives you a few payment options to make it as convenient for you.

When you think about how much time it will save you (going out to social events and parties to meet the same amount of women) it's a bargain.  Not only that but it's cheaper than if you went out on a "blind date" that your friends set you up on.

Did I mention you get a refund policy as well if you're not satisfied

Depending on your profile you also get Thai girls to contact you.

So go ahead and give Thailovelinks a try too.  You'll be glad you did!

Is Online Dating For You?

If you want to meet beautiful Thai women from the comfort of your being in your pajamas then I recommend it. 

Personally I've been hesitant because I'm not used to online dating.  That being said I think I'm doing myself a terrible disservice by not giving it more of a try.

Online dating is more popular and convenient that ever before.  It's a great addition to meeting Thai ladies during your day.

If only I'd known about this sooner. ;-)

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