5 Tips For a First Date With Your Asian Woman

Want a first date that gets her addicted to you?

These tips for a first date make it possible if you accept the truth:  When it comes to dating Asian women - you're the man so you're supposed to lead.

This means that the more you prepare and plan the more likely your date will be a success! 

You will both have more fun together and it will go much more smoothly.  In fact you'll spend more of your time learning about her and her culture (which you might find fascinating!)

Note: These first date tips assume two things: 

 • that you find this girl very attractive
 • you're willing to do what it takes to make it work

Okay - here we go!

5 Practical Tips For a First Date

Get to the date 30 minutes earlier -  This might sound like a strange first date tip so let me explain.  I recommend getting there earlier to plan out

 • where you'll take her

 • what you'll do

 • what the area is like

You simply want to make sure that everything is ready for your Asian date.
Speaking of getting things ready…

Prepare some questions in advance - Every one of my clients have told me that they sometimes don't know what to talk about during the date!  You can easily avoid this by preparing beforehand. 

Even basic questions will do.  I recommend creating a notepad on your phone and putting a few questions in it. 

If during the date you don't know what to talk about just pull out your phone like you got an emergency text (or say you have to go to the bathroom.)  Read out a few questions and then you can get back into talking to her.

tips for a first date

Dress to communicate - When it comes to dating Asian women you'll need all the help you can get to express yourself.

I recommend wearing items of clothing that is socially acceptable and that tells something about yourself.

For example I was born in Texas. 

So I would wear a cowboy hat. 

It's a part of my past and it's a story to tell.  Speaking of clothing…

Wear red or blue - Scientists discovered that 'red' is an impulsive color. 

They also found 'blue' to be a relaxing color. 

Decide if you'd like to make her feel like getting more intimate or more comfortable with you first.

"Won't These 5 Tips For a First Date Work With Any Woman?"

Yes they would.  The only difference is that when it comes to dating an Asian woman they are more vital to your dating success.


Because you and her have roadblocks you wouldn't have with women from back home.  You don't speak the same language and your cultural expectations are different. 

You probably don't have the same cultural references either.  If you're from the US she won't know who Stewie from Family Guy is.  If you're from the UK she wouldn't know who Robbie Williams is.

If she's from Korea you wouldn't know what 'Fresh Coffee Prince' is.  If she's from Hong Kong you wouldn't know who 'Aaron Kwok' is.

So work with what you have and you can make the date successful no matter what.

For more tips for a first date with an Asian woman sent straight to your inbox - put your first name and email below (it's all kept private.)   You'll get instant access to my 9 Steps to Meeting and Dating Asian Women Self-Study Course. 

You can improve your Asian dating skills at your own pace and it's on me.

Enjoy! ;-)

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