"Discover What Asian Women Want in Men"

Care to discover what Asian women want in men?  After all - you want to have an Asian woman in your life.  How can you go about pleasing her?

After working as a dating coach for more than 5 years this is what I've discovered.  

Even though at first glance you might think that Asian and Western women are the same - in reality they aren't.  Granted - a woman is a woman but in Asia the culture and values are different.  So what Asian women want in men is different too.  

The first thing an Asian woman wants is...

They Want a Provider

In most of Asia (Korea, Japan, Thailand, etc…) many women want to be with a provider.  For a lot of ladies from Asia their ideal man is someone who's

 • safe

 • stable

 • reliable

This is because most girls in Asia don't have the same job opportunities and economic freedom that Western women enjoy.  They can't work and make enough money to live by themselves.  So their only chance at financial stability is to go from living with her parents to a provider husband.

what asian women want in men?

That's why 'nice guys' have a more convenient dating life in Asia. 

It's also why you notice Asian men in general may seem less 'macho' (like our hero to the right.)

"How can you show this to her?"

When you're out on dates I recommend

 • showing up on time for the date
 • offering to pay for it (or most of it)

 • acting like a gentleman (opening doors,

"How is this any different than with Western women?"

For most Western women a 'nice guy' is a boring guy. Yes - they're boring for local ladies too but they want different things out of a relationship.  Western women want

 • adventure
 • intrigue

 • romance

So if you did the things above your Western date might think you're too 'nice' (which she'd find boring and she'd send you to the 'friends zone'.) 

Most women from Asia want someone who's stable, dependable and who has this next trait…

Asian Ladies Want a Socially Acceptable Man

For Western women your job title and status has less weight than with Asian women.  Sure it's important to have a good job but not as much as with an Asian woman. 

For example - A Western woman would find a struggling artist with dreams and ambitions attractive.  So would most Asian women but due to their reality - they'd pick someone else.  A Western woman with a good job is financially able to date a struggling artist.  Not the case for Asian women (even in Hong Kong.)

"How can you show this to her?"

Most Asian guys present this by giving their potential dates their business cards.  I've never tried that as I can imagine it to be typical (and thus boring).

Instead I recommend waiting for her to ask you what your job is. If she likes you she'll ask you this question.  I'd then describe my job in a way that she can understand and that makes me come across as having status.

For example - instead of saying "I'm an EFL teacher" I'd ask her "Remember when you were a little girl and you studied English?"  Chances are she'd say "yes" as English is a top subject in Asian schools.  I'd then tell her "Well, I help little children like you were learn English for a better future." 

It's true and it makes you come across as having more status (more responsibility.)

How is this different than with Western women?

For Western women your status isn't that important.  Again - most Western women can take care of themselves financially.  Sure a Western woman's parents might object.  But in the West society encourages us to decide for ourselves as individuals - especially when it comes to our love lives (unless you're from a rich older family.)

Asian women don't have these circumstances.  They choose their partner based on their parents' decision and on what's most practical.  After all - once an Asian woman turns 30 she's unofficially considered 'unmarriagiable'.  I don't agree with assessment but you still have it today in Asia. 

So you can imagine how fast her biological clock is ticking!  

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