Would Young Thai Girls Date Foreigners?

Surprised to hear that many beautiful and young Thai girls won't want to date a foreigner?

After all - aren't Thai women supposed to be "easy"?  This 'myth' was maybe more practical 50 years ago…but not anymore.  If you're having a hard time dating Thai women then rest easy - it's not all your fault.

Get a quick crash course on what's been going on in the Land of Smiles.

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Foreigners Have a Bad Reputation

Or at least many do.  There are two stereotypes of foreigners that make it hard for dating young Thai women.  You're either a

Sexpat - This is due to the high levels of sex tourism in Thailand.  Many foreigners come to Thailand to have a good time at the gogo bars and the sex spots. 

"I don't go there! How come it's affecting my dating life?"  Unfortunately these days many Thais can look down on women with a farang (foreign) boyfriend.  They get the reputation of being 'bar girls' or low class prostitutes.  Granted not all Thais look down on these relationships but it's more common than you'd think.

You see, many foreigners either do come as expats or as this next stereotype:

EFL teacher - Note that I respect teachers and loved teaching when I did.  The thing is that becoming an EFL teacher is so easy in Thailand (just be Western and have a pulse) that there's not much respect for it.  So what happens?  A lot of seemingly ambition less men come to teach in Thailand. 

That means that if locals don't think that your Thai date is a prostitute, they'll think that you're a loser EFL teacher.  To avoid either of this your young Thai date will just avoid dating you. Period.

Sure you might think that it doesn't matter but in Thailand it does.  Remember - in Thailand it's all about 'face'.

What if you're a suit-wearing professional in Bangkok?  How come young Thai women won't date you even though you've obviously separated yourself from those stereotypes?

The main reason I believe is that...

You "Know Too Much"

That's right. There's such a thing as 'knowing too much'.  That may either be about Thailand's culture and language.  It may also be about Thai women or 'game'.

If you know too much about Thai culture and language then she can't really walk around you.  You'll understand everything she says and she won't have the edge over you that she could have with some expat who doesn't know anything.

That's also why if you're aware of how the dating game works and don't let women walk all over you - you can be in trouble (or maybe not.)

Many (not all) Thai women are either practical or "princesses".  They are used to having their way or fighting for it.  If you show that you know their game and won't be intimidated - they'd rather find "easier pickings."

"Are all young Thai women like this?" No of course not.  But many of the Thai ladies you meet will have this trait (otherwise they wouldn't be meeting you, right?)

This might be why you're having a hard time when you date Thai women.

How To Date Young Thai Girls?

Get a better idea of what dating in Thailand is like.  It's also good to know how little Thai girls view foreigners (find out how on the link.)

In any case - get ready for a culture shock as you discover Asia.  And who said it wouldn't be an adventure? ;-)

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